A Guide to Buying a Jade Bracelet

A jade bangle, also known as biang biang in Chinese, is one of the most popular jade accessories, used as an amulet to ward off evil spirits and gain protection from disease. A jade bangle is also an excellent piece of jewelry to start or add to your collection because it adds both class and uniqueness to your look.

If you are thinking about adding one to your collection, but aren’t sure what the right purchase would be, keep reading for some information on buying a Jade bangle or Jade beads that will complement any outfit and your own personal taste.

Understand What You Like

While you might have your heart set on buying a jade bangle, keep in mind that it might not always look as good on you as it does on someone else. Observe others wearing their jade bangles and see if you like what they have. In addition, check out websites selling jewelry and get an idea of how they look online. Do they still appeal? Also, do some research into how much bangles usually go for in your area so that you aren’t paying too much or too little.

Understand Your Budget

Before you start looking for Jade beads, it’s important that you know how much you want to spend on one. Even though there are jade bangles available at every price point from thousands of dollars, up, if you are on a budget, it’s important that you don’t let your eyes get too big for your wallet. The stone type and quality will vary depending on price, but if you stick with an authentic jade bangle and not just regular quartz or glass then obviously quality is also going to increase.

Know The Jewelry Terms

When buying any form of jewelry, whether it’s jade or another type of stone, it’s important to know what you’re looking at. Without having an idea about terminology, and how different stones are priced and valued, you can easily get ripped off. Even if a jeweler is telling you that something is made out of sterling silver (and some will say anything), unless you understand what sterling silver means and that sterling silver does not necessarily equal pure silver, then you could be getting ripped off. So, make sure that if anyone is telling you anything about your jewelry purchase (such as karat weight) that they explain in terms which are easy for you to understand.

Know What Jade Is

Before buying jade, it is vital that you know what jade is. This gem stone can be found in many colours and types, so it is important that you are aware of what type of jade you are looking for. For example, if you were looking at buying green Jade bangles and they turned out to be cat’s eye, then there would have been a huge waste of money as these bangles tend to retail at much cheaper prices than most green Jade.

Check Cut and Quality

If you are looking for certain quality or cut then make sure that when purchasing your Jade Bangles you ask about them prior or else risk getting something not up to your standards when you take home your purchase.

Be Smart About Where You Buy

There are several reputable dealers, but many of them aren’t. Choose wisely and you won’t regret it! If you buy from an online vendor, read up on their return policy. Also be sure to ask questions before making a purchase. Jade is hard for beginners to identify—there are countless imitations and fakes out there—so asking plenty of questions will give you an idea if what you’re buying is real or not.

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