A guide to buying Disney Princess toys

All families celebrate occasions such as birthdays, festivals, and other get-togethers. They get the opportunity to meet their relatives and have an excellent time with them. It is essential to maintain a social circle these days to improve and strengthen bonds between people. Children are equally fond of them and love playing with their friends, cousins, and other children of the same age. They are eager to show them their toy collection and exchange theirs with others for fun.

Most of the children, especially little girls, have heard fairy tales and gained inspiration from them. They also believe in a happy ending and like buying Disney Princess toys as they get attracted to the appearance and feel. With so many toys on the shelf, it becomes challenging to select the appropriate one. Here is a guide for buying a suitable toy:

  • The Toddler Collection: Suitable for toddlers aged three and above, it features all the princesses with large eyes and different sizes. They are also available in a Princess Combo with dresses and other accessories. Another toy popular in this category is the Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll, where the magical necklace will make her recite popular phrases from the movie and sing songs. It will entertain all kids and is worth purchasing.
  • Stuffed toys: If the child loves something bigger and huggable, there are many Disney stuffed toys to choose. They are the perfect size for picking up and twirling around with characters such as Anna, Elsa, Belle, Ariel or Rapunzel.
  • Princess Castle: These are one of the Disney toys which are multi-functional and offer kids with various play options. On one side there is a sunny and warm castle, fit for the finest princess, and on the other, there is an icy cold palace for “Frozen” fans. Each side has three levels of play, including several pieces of furniture, and can fit 12” (Barbie-sized) dolls. It is the perfect gift for siblings as they can easily play at the same time.

Many children are also crazy for making their Barbie dream house where they store all their dolls and creatively play with them. They also arrange them neatly inside with all the amenities. A lot of innovation and imagination is required to construct it to meet expectations. Here is the evolution over the years:

  • 1990 Barbie Magical Mansion: It featured working electronics, like a ringing telephone and doorbell, and glowing accessories, a fireplace and chandelier. It also added electronic enhancements and increased functionality.
  • 1998 Barbie Deluxe House: It features fully furnished rooms and a swing on the front porch. It also included stained glass windows, a balcony, and pink arches and columns. It focused on comfort and space, along with colour trends with a more monochromatic shade.
  • 2012 version: This Barbie house had three storeys, a pink personal elevator, flat-screen TV, outdoor whirlpool tub, and lights and sounds on every level to suit the working woman schedule.

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