A Guide To Buying Gold Rings

Gold jewellery has always been a treasured item in your ornament boxes as they symbolise sophistication and elegance. Moreover, they are the preferred choice of your fiancé to ask your hand for marriage, and at the same time can be a valuable and meaningful gift for your friends and family. Why? Gold is a colour of love and affection, but gold rings are also auspicious and thus adorned for astrological and spiritual purposes.

Here is a guide to finding the perfect gold ring that you and your loved ones will be happy to wear.

Determining the size

If you buy a ring for yourself, make sure you choose one that fits you just right, i.e., not too loose, or not too tight. If you plan to gift a ring to someone, you might not have their exact size. The safest bet is to borrow the ring from them and use them as a reference. If that is impossible, compare your measurement with theirs as that will give you an idea. If you have bought it already and it is loose, get it resized. For that, remember the following tips:

  • Pick an online jewellery store that is well prepared for such challenges. They must be skilled and experienced enough to resize the ring.
  • For simple gold bands, resizing is easy and complicated for those that have intricate patterns.
  • Always check for the thickness after resizing. Jewellers change the shape and thickness owing to improper resizing. In addition, thinner bands are tough to resize.

Choose the right colour

The gold ring design is available in varied colours, and each has its appeal and unique connotation. The types are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and green gold. Of these, yellow gold is most worn and only includes the gold metal while rose gold is vibrant, radiant, and highly enchanting.

Selecting the band

This is entirely up to your lifestyle and preference. A matte gold band is perfect for work, while a bright polished one goes for a casual day out. If the occasion is a fancier one, maybe a glass blast or ice gold band is ideal.

Selecting the designs

Always opt for designs that are a mix of comfort and style. This is a formula that never goes wrong when it comes to everlasting fashion. The other aspect are occasions. If you buy the ring for daily wear from the online jewellery shopping store, avoid sharp edges or protruding design elements, which hamper the movements. Once you are aware of what you want, choose from the following:

  • Plain gold band
  • Gold ring with a tiny motif
  • Matte gold band
  • Gold rings with floral designs
  • Hand chain bracelets

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