A Guide to Buying Sand-Free Beach Towels


Summer has finally arrived, and it is probably the most favourite time of year for all of us. Summer is the perfect time to catch up with friends, host summer barbeque parties, and have fun. In fact, it is the best time to head to one of our beautiful beaches, lie on the sand, soak up some vitamin D and take a swim in the water to cool off.

As exciting as it is, having fun at the beach isn’t always hassle-free due to the wet sand granules making their way into your outfit. It won’t be very pleasant and may ruin your time at the beach. That’s why you need to invest in a quality no sand beach towel. But, how do you choose the right ones? Keep reading to find out.

Choosing the Right Beach Towel That Is Non-Stick and Sand Repellent

Most Australians spend their summer on beaches for recreational activities alone. It’s possible to have a great time when you have the right beach towel. Certain aspects should be considered when looking for no sand beach towels, including:-

Size of the Towel

The size of the towel can make the difference, especially if you’ll be participating in recreational activities. Usually, the dimensions of beach towels are 27 x 52 inches to 30 inches x 58 inches. There are head to toe towels that have a size of 39 x 70 inches and beach towels have dimensions of 59 inches x 78 inches that are specifically designed for beach activities to provide maximum coverage. Towels come in a range of sizes to ensure everyone gets what they want, no matter if they need small, big, or large towels. Compared to other towels, beach towels are normally longer and wider than regular ones.

The Absorption Level

This is one of the significant aspects you need to look for when searching for beach towels. Sand granules can be annoying, especially when you’re done with activities and packing up to go home. The absorption level of the towels should be higher, especially if it’s for beach use. Nobody loves wet sand clinging onto the towel after cleaning themselves up. If the absorbent level of the towel is low, the sand won’t go away. So, opt for a no sand towel as they have high absorbent characteristics.


Nobody wants to lie down on the beach sand with a towel that’s hard and uncomfortable. You’ll need a soft and soothing towel instead. Comfort seekers should opt for no sand beach towels that are made from microfiber.

When you consider these aspects while choosing a towel, you will be able to choose the perfect one.

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