A Guide to Charging Your Mitsubishi EV


With Australia’s charging infrastructure growing rapidly, it is essential to know everything about charging so that you can make informed decisions. Mitsubishi’s fully electric and plug-in hybrid ranges are increasingly popular and better developed than ever, and the number of public Mitsubishi charging station is growing rapidly. However, since it is a new technology, there is still some confusion over the various different types of charging methods available and can be confusing.

Charging is an important aspect of electric vehicles. While electric cars are similar to conventional cars in many ways, it differs when it comes to charging and refuelling. Gasoline-powered vehicles only have one place to refuel, and that’s a gas station. On the other hand, electric cars can be recharged anywhere at home, at work, and on the go in a number of commercial and public places. Our guide will help you know everything about Mitsubishi chargers and charging stations.

Charing Your Mitsubishi EV

Whether you are recharging at home or public charging station, charging Mitsubishi electric car is easier and simple. Yes, all of them are easy and convenient. However; you’ll need the right home chargers and choose the right charging stations to recharge your vehicle. There are several ways to charge your Mitsubishi electric cars, including over 6,000 charging locations across Australia. If you’re using a Quick Charger, it will take less than 25 minutes to charge your vehicle up to 80%. While charging your Mitsubishi through a standard plug socket can take 7 hours to charge, the car can be recharged in 4 hours through a dedicated charge port installed at home.

Regular Charger

Charging your Mitsubishi is as easy as you would charge your phone by just plugging it into a standard wall socket. Instead of using an extension, connect your charger cable directly to the socket. It will take 7 hours in 230v 8A and 5.5hours in 230v 10A.

Rapid Charger

With a rapid charger, the vehicle’s battery can be charged up to 80% in less than 25minutes, making them the quickest way to recharge an electric vehicle. It is commonly found at motorway service stations and close to major roadways.

What Is A Charging Station?

There’s no exact definition for charging stations. But, in practical terms, a collection of two or more individual charging points is considered as a ‘station’. A charging station can be found in the corner of a motorway services car park, or in a section of a shopping centre’s or town centre’s multi-storey buildings.

Several Individual companies have also teamed up with charging station providers. Therefore, if you find a charging station, amenities such as shops and restrooms will likely be close by, and you can relax while your car is charging.

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