A Guide to Choosing the Right Rivet Tool


Be it any type of assembling or manufacturing, the chances are high that you will be using rivets. For decades, rivets have continued to be one of the durable and versatile fasteners with various types for an array of applications. Rivets are permanent fixtures that are durable and can be used for any application. Rivets perform well when they are installed properly. That’s why you need to use the right gesipa rivet gun to get the most of the function of the rivets.

When it comes to rivet guns, there is a range of designs and types to choose from, making it harder to find the right gun. This guide on choosing the right gesipa gun can help you:-

Choosing a Rivet Gun

When you are looking for the right gun, you have to consider the gun based on the type of rivet, application, and tool that has the right amount of power, giving you the speed and efficiency to get the job done perfectly and quickly. It is all about selecting a rivet gun that can handle the volume of fasteners you have to use.

Solid and blind rivets are the most commonly used ones in most applications. Solid rivets have been in use for several years, consisting of a solid pin with a head inserted into a hole and an end that could be deformed using a rivet tool or gun.

On the other hand, blind rivets are a popular option used in many applications. They are easy to install and permanent fasteners as they can be installed from one side of a work piece so that you don’t have to work on the back or other side of the rivet nuts. Generally, rivet nuts have a hollow pin and using a gun the nut is pulled to collapse the rivet on the blind side, making it long-lasting.

For solid rivets, you’ll need more power to install the rivets properly. Hence, a pneumatic gun would be a better choice. Battery-powered rivets guns are the right choice for blind rivets.

Of course, you can use manual rivet tools for quick repairs that don’t require more power. For larger applications, you’ll need a powerful tool like battery-operated rivet guns to get the job done seamlessly.

Battery-powered rivet guns are easy to carry, lightweight, and can be used anywhere as they use long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.

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