A Guide to Every Type of Sit-Stand Desk to Buy

Isn’t it amazing? A desk you can use while sited or standing. According to Edward R. Laskowski, M.D, sitting for long periods has been linked to various health concerns such as obesity. Working in a standing position has proved to burn calories; you can buy a piece of furniture that enables you to work while standing. Which is sit/stand furniture. These are working furniture designed for both sitting or standing positions. For the sake of your comfort, here’s a guide on how to buy one.

Which sit-stand desk should you buy?

In the sit-stand range, you will get the following that you can choose:

Sit-stand platform

This furniture is designed for existing worktops. You place them on top of the work desk to provide a surface that you can adjust to suit your sitting or standing position.


The cascade-designed sit-stand desk has a slopped back panel located between the bottom and lower tiers. The panels give you room for putting papers and documents if your work entails paperwork.

 Manual adjustment sit-stand desk

If you prefer a fully adjustable sit-stand desk, then you are covered. This flexible range has either manual mechanism of adjusting the height to your comfort level.

Electric sit-stand desk

If you fancy using less effort in adjusting your workstation, you can opt for the electric adjustable sit-stand desk. Using a push-button, you will raise or drop the height to a position of your choosing.


A good number of sit-stand platforms are heavy. The weight makes them hard to move around despite the need for movement in a work environment. If you move a lot in at work, you can choose a portable desk from the designs.

Arms and monitor raiser

If you have limited space for the full-sized desk, you can still enjoy a sit-stand desk by using an arm and monitor raiser. This desk supports a laptop at a standing height and comes with various tilt adjustments too.

Bench system sit-stand desk

In an office surrounding by several workers, it would be best if you had a bench system desk. The desk’s surface shares a frame but operates individually. A staff member can choose whether to sit or stand.

Corner cut sit-stand desk

For cramped office space, you can get a corner cut sit-stand desk range. This desk can fit in room corners and offer ergonomics which in turn boost productivity.

Factors to consider when buying a sit-stand desk

When you have settled on which sit-stand desk you will buy, it will help if you consider the following factors:

  1. Height range
  2. Ease of movement
  3. Weight
  4. Programmability
  5. Functionality

Sit-stand furniture is a to-go-to design for a modern desk worker. However, to ensure you get the RIO, refer to this guide. It will help you with the factors to consider when out to get your desk and which ones to choose from.

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