A Guide To Installing Any Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is a must-have for every home to survive the sweltering summer heat. Besides increasing your comfort, air conditioning may help reduce respiratory problems such as allergies and prevent heat-induced stress.

With that in mind, there are different types of air conditioning in the market. The most common types are;

  • Portable air conditioners
  • Window air conditioners
  • Split air conditioners
  • Central air conditioners

A portable and window air conditioner requires DIY installation, while split and central air conditioners require the assistance of professionals such as air conditioning installation Peoria.

Read on for a guide to installing a window and a portable air conditioner;

How To Install A Portable Air Conditioner?

Just like the name suggests, you can move a portable air conditioner from one place to another. It is easy to install with minimal equipment.

Below is a step-by-step process of installing a portable air conditioner;

STEP 1: Choose a location with easy access to the water reservoir and adequate airflow, such as near a window. If the unit comes with a drainage hose, consider placing it near a sink or a tub.

STEP 2:  Determine if the adapter kit creates a good deal on the window and cut the foam strip to the length of your window. Attach the foam strip to the window part that moves and close the window tightly.

STEP 3: Install the adaptor kit by screwing it to the window and create an additional seal using duct tape to keep air and insects away.

STEP 4: Apply a security bracket to the window to prevent it from opening outside and hook the vent to the window pane. Finally, plug the system into an outlet and enjoy the cool air.

How To Install A Window Air Conditioner?

A window air conditioner is pretty easy to install, but the only hurdle comes when getting it through a few stairs to the window. Below is a step-by-step guide to installing a window air conditioner;

STEP 1: Carefully remove the unit from the box and attach the side panels using the screws provided.

STEP 2: Place The air conditioning unit at the center of the window and close the window on top of the air conditioner.

STEP 3: Screw the L brackets to the top of the opened window and secure the air conditioning unit.

STEP 4: Create a seal using the manufacturer’s window padding, but if the unit does not come with one, extend the air conditioner’s side panels to reach the window. In this case, attach both side panels to your window using the provided screws.

STEP 5: Using the brackets provided, secure the unit on the interior window sill, and the air conditioner is ready.

STEP 6: Connect the unit to a power outlet and enjoy the cool air.

Installing a Central And Split Air Conditioning

Installing a central air conditioner is best done when constructing the house or during a major remodel, and it requires professional installation by air conditioning installation Peoria. On the other hand, installing a split air conditioning involves installing the outside condenser and the inside vent and requires some plumbing experience.

The process of installing an air conditioner depends on the type in question. While some air conditioners involve simple DIY steps, others require professional installation. If you are still unsure of installing an air conditioner, do not hesitate to seek assistance from professionals.

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