A guide to keeping your toilet seats clean

The toilet seat is the first thing you see upon entering a bathroom, and first impressions matter. Additionally, it is the primary component that users come into contact with, making its cleaning essential.  

Cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces around the toilet, including the seat, is equally crucial. While cleaning removes visible dirt and stains, disinfecting is the process of getting rid of any bacteria that may be growing on your toilet seat.  

When it comes to cleaning a toilet seat, the process is slightly more complex than cleaning the other parts of a toilet. While regular cleaning may not give you the best and most hygienic outcomes, using unsuitable cleaners, too, can lead to discolouration of the seat. 


Here is a guide on how you can keep your toilet seat clean and hygienic:   

Materials you need to clean a toilet seat 

It is ideal for keeping the supplies you will need readily available to reduce the effort of cleaning your toilet seat. Here is a list of all the things you will need to clean your toilet seats:  

  • Rubber gloves  
  • A clean sponge  
  • An old toothbrush  
  • Soap  
  • A non-bleach spray  

Steps to get neat and clean toilet seats 

  • Step 1: Fill a scrub bucket with warm water and add soap. Dip the sponge into the soap mix, squeeze out the excess water and wipe both sides of the toilet seat cover. Take some more cleanser and brush both sides of the ring. 
  • Step 2: This step is crucial as it involves cleaning the hard-to-reach spots – the toilet seat hinges. To clean these joints, remove the seat, and clean the space between the bolts using an old toothbrush. 
  • Step 3: Let the soap solution sit for 1 minute, then scrub the seat with a clean sponge.  
  • Step 4: Once you finish the basic cleaning, grab the non-bleach spray, and apply it to the leftover stains. 
  • Step 5: Let the non-bleach solution sit for 1 minute, then scrub it using the sponge. Ensure to wash off the solution properly; otherwise, it may lead to discolouration of the toilet seat.  

Repeat the preceding instructions as often as required, depending on how nasty the stains are on your toilet seat. Once your toilet seat has been cleaned and is in the desired condition, you can always use toilet seat covers to keep it clean and prevent re-staining. Find the best collection of toilet seat covers on Somany Bathware. 

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