A guide to payroll tax attorney

Payroll is a tax that deducts from the salary of the employee. It transacts directly to the government account. Typically, a company does not give the whole salary to its employees. They deduct some amount that directly transfers to a government account and is referenced as payroll tax. The government uses this sum for federal, state, and local social security taxes.


When the business of the individual or company runs smoothly, the tax deducts normally. The situation becomes alarming when the business ends up with a shortage of money. The employer fails to pay, withhold or remit the payroll taxes to the government. In this case, the tax law in Houston gives the IRS the authority to set tax codes for businesses with unpaid taxes. The authority follows standard collection procedures resulting in liens and levies to collect the payroll amount from the employer. The IRS follows standard collection procedures for tax collection. If the tax is not paid in full by the employer it is treated as a loan taken by the government without its consent. The IRS sent the taxpayer a 30days letter advising the right to review the liability. This time the IRS sent a notice of intent to levy and the taxpayer has to respond to this letter.


If you are stuck with a payroll tax issue, the guidance of a payroll tax attorney helps you to overcome this issue. The attorney of the law firm Mitchell Tax Law in Houston has experienced lawyers with years of knowledge in their respective fields. All your tax-related queries are answered in a customized way. It becomes more difficult to resolve payroll tax than any other type of tax. Our attorney understands the in-depth procedure and all the rules to overcome this. We review all the areas where mistakes can happen. It helps to avoid all the issues with the right guidance and proper planning.


The employee can fill out form 4 and adjust the income. By adjusting the withholding, employees can avoid a substantial amount of taxes and provide the government with a test-free loan. Filling out the payroll and staying up to date on tax law is enough. Not paying close attention may lead to mistakes that can lead to a huge loss. Leave this expensive affair to our experts and stay safe with all the legal issues with our experts. Call us today and book your appointment now!


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