A Guide to Setting or Changing Lock Screen Password for Your Android Device

An Android smartphone makes our lives easy and we rely on it to keep our important and sensitive data stored safely. It is very important to keep our phone safe to keep the data secure, and we should make sure that there is no unauthorized access to our phone. To prevent unauthorized access to our device, using a password is the best option. A strong password won’t let the intruder access any feature of your phone beyond the lock screen. However, it is also equally important to keep changing the password of your Android phone regularly to prevent any unauthorized access. The process of changing the password of your Android phone is easy. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the simple process of setting or changing the password of your Android phone, which will help you in keeping your device safe. Let’s scroll down.


To set or change the password of your Android device, the very first step is to visit the Settings of your device. All the controls of your phone are available in that section only, including the Security of your device. After scrolling to the Security section in Settings of your device, you will only be a few clicks away from making your device secure by setting a password. Once you tap the Security button, you will be taken to a new window, where you will find a Screen Lock option. The Screen Lock option determines the way you want to secure your device. You will be given options to choose one among using a PIN, a password, or a pattern. You can choose any of these options and enter the desired password.  You should always make sure that the password you create is strong enough. A strong password includes letters, numbers, and symbols. If you opt to choose the PIN option, try not using a very familiar sequence of numbers. If you want to use the pattern lock, there are numbers of patterns you can create, and it is better to create a lock that you can easily remember. After choosing your desired way of Screen Lock, you can enter the desired password, PIN, or pattern, which you will have to confirm by entering again. After confirming the password, a Screen Lock for your phone will be created. You will have to use the entered password, pattern, or the PIN to unlock your phone every time after you start using a screen lock. You can also switch among various types of Screen Lock anytime. The process of changing the password of your device is similar to setting it for the first time. The only difference is that you have to enter your old password once before you can change the password of your device.

It is worth noting that you keep the Lock Screen password of your Android device safe, and you remember it, as is a lengthy process to recover it if you have forgotten, and it can also cost you losing your data in few smartphones.

Keeping our smartphone safe is very important these days as it stores a lot of important and sensitive data. Using a Lock Screen password for that purpose is a good option. In this article, we have elaborated on setting or changing the password of your Android phone. You can use these steps when needed and easily change the password of your Android devices.

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Source – A Guide to Setting or Changing Lock Screen Password for Your Android Device

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