A Guide to Storing Cold Meats

A Guide to Storing Cold Meats

Cold cuts of meat come in handy for quick and easy preparation of certain meals like burgers and sandwiches. Many people tend to stock up on different cuts of cold meats for the entire week. As easy as they are to use, cold cuts need to be stored properly so that they do not perish. You should be advised by cold meat suppliers in Cape Town on how to store your cold meat properly. To help you out further, here are some ways in which you can effectively store your cold cuts: (Information Credit – https://richmeats.capetown/about-us)

1. Use air-tight containers – Generally, cold cuts are packed in vacuum sealed packets. To Keep the meat fresh for longer, there are high chances that the cold cuts can get contaminated. You should try to use the entire contents when you open the packet or store it in an air-tight container. Do not leave the meat open or uncovered for long.

2. Keep them wrapped in aluminium foil – If you cannot find an air-tight container, the second-best option that you have is to wrap the meat in aluminium foil. Wrap the aluminium foil tightly. For added protection, make at least two folds at the corners. If you use aluminium foil, you should consume the meat within three days of opening the packaging.

3. Make use of your meat sections – Most refrigerators have a separate compartment for storing cold cuts and meat. Make sure that you store your cold cuts in this compartment of the fridge only. This section of the refrigerator is set to the perfect temperature to avoid the meat from spoiling. If your fridge doesn’t have a meat compartment, store the meat in the deep freezer or at the back of the fridge where it can stay cold.

4. Don’t use preservatives – Cold meats are generally marinated or pre-cooked, meaning that they are loaded with preservatives to prevent contamination. So, when you are storing the meat, you should not add extra preservatives. Vinegar, salt and other preservatives could make it more prone to chemical reactions and produce compounds that can cause the cold cuts to go stale or mouldy. Storing the meat effectively and using it before the assigned expiry date is essential.

5. Preserving raw meat – If you want to preserve raw meat, you will first need to wash and clean the meat properly. Blood on the meat makes it vulnerable to contamination, which is unhealthy. Store it in air-tight containers or steel containers to make sure it stays covered properly.

6. Marinated meat storage – When you are unable to use all the marinated meat, you will have to store it with care. You could add lemon juice, curd or vinegar to preserve it, but avoid sprinkling salt as it could cause the release of water. Cold meat suppliers in Cape Town suggest that marinated meat should be used within two days of marinating.

These are some simple ways to store cold meats effectively so that they are hygienic and healthy.

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