A Guide To The History Of Dog Tags

Has anyone ever wondered from where the concept of Dog Tags started? How has come into fashion? And how does it evolve since then? Earlier when people were still discovering different places and were fighting to win the country, people use to die every day in wars. Since, there were very less materials and technologies back then, they use to make it with the metal which was available. Mostly they made 2 identical joined tags that can be removed and half is left by the soldier and the other half for the records.

During the World War I the soldiers had to wear 2 tags made of compressed fibers – 1 green octagonal punched with 2 holes for chords and the other one was red circular with one punched hole. In case of demise or serious injury one tag was cut and taken by the British officers for the records, this helped others to identify whether the body is reported or not. And the other tag had to be buried along with the body. While, during world-war II the tags were made from Aluminum plates. Where, names and details use to be de-bossed on the aluminum metal plates.

As the days passed by, the material and quality improved. These days dog tag cross comes in non-rustic metal alloys. And they are just not used by people to tag their pets, but also it has become a fashion to tag along a different long chains and bracelets. Mens rustic leather bracelet is another one such fashion element whose design is evolved from Dog Tags.

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