A Handbook For The HGV Medical Exam

Every new Driver must have an HGV driver training in the UK, and related paperwork (D4) submitted to the DVLA by the Doctor doing the examination. Experienced drivers must also undergo a new medical test once their license is renewed.


An HGV license in the following categories is valid for five years: C, CE, C1, C1E, D, DE, D1, or D1E. You must sign a statement every five years until age 45 years to confirm that you still fulfill the medical criteria. After 45 years, you must present a medical examination report every five years to renew your driving privilege.


The Hgv Medical Is Divided Into Two Parts:


  1. Interview with the Attending Doctor: You will be interviewed by the Doctor and will have the chance to explain any current medical issues that may interfere with safe driving. Your medical history will be discussed as well.


  1. You will be subjected to a medical examination in which the Doctor will examine your vital signs, eyesight, and so on. The complete test normally takes no more than 30 minutes, during which time the attending Doctor writes out an official DVLA form, which they submit immediately to the authorities. You may get a copy of this form from the DVLA by clicking here.


What Is The Cost Of The HGV Medical Exam?


The DVLA does not need NHS Doctors to give the medical checkup for free. As a result, some GPs may charge a small fee for the test. Before making an appointment with your GP, determine whether there is a cost involved. If so, investigate an approved private physician with a shorter wait period—an HGV medical for drivers costs between £56 and £63, including VAT.


Private physicians provide shorter wait times and greater schedule flexibility. They are typically less expensive than a GP examination, and because they do this daily, they are efficient and know how to answer the form in a way that the DVLA would understand. This is the option that HGVT would always advocate because it is typically less expensive, quicker, and more likely to be finished correctly.


We will schedule your medical with a Private Doctor as soon as you sign up as part of our service. In addition, the medical is included in the price!


Emerging Medical Problems


HGV and PCV drivers must tell the DVLA if their health changes or if they have a medical condition that may prevent them from driving. This category includes all the above ailments and others, such as cancer.


Reporting a worsening medical condition may need a new HGV medical exam before the Driver may resume driving. Passing a medical exam may result in reinstatement of full driving privileges or converting to a temporary license. In any case, the Driver must keep their Doctor aware of the medical situation.

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