A Handy Guide to Hydroponic Gardening with High-Quality Coir Substrate

Since the traditional medium is not employed in hydroponic systems other substrates are mandatory for flowers, herbs, or vegetables to build up and endow with an anchor for their root system. These growing mediums need to be static so that they do not have an effect on the nutrients in the water solution.

These mediums like the coir substrate which are available within the marketplace and the one that you take up should also be pH neutral, have great fluid retention yet have the capacity for air circulation and certainly be defiant enough to preserve and sustain the plant.

Hydroponic Gardening in Coco Coir with RICOCO coco coir grow bag

Why will you select this coir substrate?

Hydroponic gardening is defined as the growing of plants through the use of mediums other than traditional mediums. The faster nutrient gathering is indeed one benefit of hydroponic systems. This means that plant roots do not need to gather nutrients from the traditional medium, instead of taking it directly in from the water.

These systems tend to take up less room than traditional gardens, allowing people with limited areas to grow substantial amounts of food. Just about any hydroponic retailer will be likely to recommend what substrates can be employed, however, coir substrate have been used in hydroponic methods many times more than any other substrates.

What are Coconut Coir or Coco coir?

As the name suggests Cocoa is a product of coconuts, with all the outer shell of the coconut getting used after the coconut fruit has been taken out. It is treated to produce a kind of peat that is generally sold in brick shape. It is a good addition to hydroponic systems as it expands when water is added with about six to eight times its initial size. The coconut coir is robust enough for bigger plants and can last a lot longer than classic peat.


  • Excellent water retention yet allows air to move to the plants.
  • Inexpensive as compared to other substrates.
  • Environmentally friendly source is hence kind to the pocket and to the planet.
  • Can be combined well with different compositions to improve drainage of water.
  • Have natural anti-fungal qualities which aid to minimize flaws in plants.
  • Has similar attributes to regular traditional mediums.

Also, the coconut coir substrate can be used as a form of the traditional medium even though it does not have any vitamins and minerals that the traditional medium has, yet it does provide you with a good structure in which crops can generate roots.

Coconut coir the best growing medium

Summing Up

Last, but certainly not least, the benefits of using coir substrate is undeniable. Coir substrate is highly useful medium for hydroponics. It is excellent for seed propagation, fast and healthy root development, 100% organic and biodegradable.

Your growing will be good when you will use quality coir products. Coconut coir retains water much more efficiently compared to other conventional growing mediums, so strawberry plants need less frequent watering.

These days, growing strawberries in coco coir medium is making a big impression, and hydroponics is the taste of the future. Choose RIOCOCO coir bags for growing strawberries in coco coir, the high quality coco coir medium in the market.

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