A Material that Revolutionised the Medical Industry

One thing we can say is that the medical industry has come a long way since its inception. Not just in the way they used to conduct their medical practices, but also their knowledge and understanding of the human body and the various diseases our bodies can contract. This has thus, resulted in a complete transformation of this industry and the equipment used in this industry. As a result, medical plastic products have been invented and are currently in use. While many people are against the use of plastic, there are many benefits that plastic products can bring to the medical industry. (Information credit – https://spicolymedical.co.za/shop)

Plastic is a highly versatile product. It’s lightweight, can be manufactured easier when compared to any other material, it’s cheaper than other materials and we have a lot of processes that allow us to manufacture medical plastic products faster than when using other materials.

Medical plastic products allow us to create a product that, if accidentally dropped, will not break or shatter. Plastic products eliminate the need to clean up any shards if dropped. However, the same cannot be said for glass products. If glass is dropped, we know it will break and shatter into many pieces. This puts all staff and patients at risk. Plastic medical products won’t shatter if dropped, you’ll just need to dispose of the product and offer the patient a new, sterile product.

There are several types of equipment and tools used in the medical industry. Therefore, this industry will benefit immensely from a product that is cheap to obtain, such as plastic. Specimen jars, glasses, crockery and cutlery for overnight patients, pieces for machines and operations, as well as prosthetics are some examples of medical plastic products.

Plastic, like stainless steel, is a very hygienic material. It does not allow the growth of harmful bacteria. You might be wondering why we don’t use stainless steel as heavily as medical plastic products. The answer is simple, plastic, along with its hygienic properties, is also very flexible. Stainless steel is not as flexible. Therefore, plastic has the favoured vote. However, we should note that plastic medical products are used as a one-time product, such as gloves and specimen jars, etc.

If you are looking for medical plastic products, you should consider two factors about the products you are wanting to buy. You should know what grade of plastic is used to manufacture these products, as well as how the plastic products are manufactured. Knowing the grade of plastic used helps you identify whether it is a good quality plastic that won’t deteriorate easily. Knowing which process the manufacturers uses to create these products will help you understand how long it takes for them to manufacture the products and when to order them, so you know more or less how long it will take for more stock to arrive. Plastic injection moulding is the most accurate and fastest way to produce medical plastic products. All this information can be found from the manufacturers.

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