A Must-Have Checklist for Hosting a Virtual Event Platform.

We all are existing in a world of uncertainty, where we are not sure about the next moment and the surprise it might bring to our plate. The time has come that we switch over to something more reliable and which is there to stay.

The event industry is one such example, Organizers have long depended on the In-Person events till they finally came to a halt due to difficult times. So, we have to search for the best alternatives which can be practiced successfully without a break.

That’s how Virtual Event Platform came into practice, and the event industry got its best substitute during trying times. Since then, there is no turning back for Virtual events, as they have gained momentum and have unlocked the doors of hope and success for its organizers.

ibentos has rich Virtual Event Platform features for all types of events (Webinars, conferences, exhibitions, virtual Career fairs, virtual education fairs) starting from Virtual Lobbies, Virtual Booths for Exhibitions to large branding spaces.

Virtual Event Platforms are a result of the latest innovation in modern technology, which encourages organizers to carry out their online events efficiently.

Virtual Event Fair Platform

Importance of Virtual Event platform

  • Saves time
  • Cost-Efficient
  •  User-friendly
  •  Add value for Sponsors and Exhibitors
  • Offers Flexibility
  • Captures attendee Feedback
  • Real-time visitor activity can be captured
  • Enhances technical Knowledge

Therefore, organizers prefer hosting events on such platforms to make their events more appealing.

A must-have virtual event platform checklist for Businesses

  1. Determine the event purpose?

Events are designed with a clear objective in mind. Decide the purpose of your event?

  • Do you wish to create brand identity, awareness, or lead generation?
  • For enhancing Engagement
  • For Networking opportunities

All the above pointers will help you in your planning and will guide you in the right direction.

2. Recognize event goals

Recognize your goals before an event so that you can find out how well your event has done against the goals that were set earlier.

With a Single platform, rich in event technology, companies like ibentos provide accurate real-time reports to track your event attendees, their booth visits, locations, and their activities stored as data, so organizers can get a better understanding of events and attendees.

Initially, when you set goals for the first time, it is a rough idea. However, after hosting multiple times, it becomes easier to set attendance and registration goals.

3. Set up a Virtual event budget

Setting up a Virtual event budget is a very important ingredient of the virtual event platform checklist. There is a lot of difference between In-person and Virtual event budgets as the Virtual focuses on technology and the In-person on venues, accommodation, food, and travel.

4. Create a Virtual event content plan

Content plays a very crucial role in audience engagement, attracting attendees to the event, networking, and promoting your event through word of mouth or on all social media platforms.

By conducting surveys and polls on social media related to the event, you can get an insight into what your attendees are looking for in your event, and then you can draft your content accordingly.

The content should be informative, short, and crisp, which is again an important pointer of the virtual event platform checklist that cannot be missed.

5. Determine your virtual technology needs

The duration, type of your event, and the content plan are some crucial factors that decide your Virtual technology requirement, as Virtual technology solutions differ for every event type. Therefore, event companies like ibentos have developed a single platform for 365 days. (be it organizing multiple events, Virtual career fair conferences, webinars, training sessions, conducting quizzes, polls, feedback, etc.). It is more of a DIY (do it yourself model) wherein the organizes can set up their own events, without depending too much on the external technical team every time.  These features help organizers in two ways, First, they need not connect to any third-party software/companies to organize events and conferences, and secondly reduce their costs for setting up each event every time, which is another important point of the virtual event platform checklist.

A Single URL for easy navigation avoids confusion among attendees, making it a simple and user-friendly platform for an extraordinary experience.

6. Virtual Event Promotions

Use Social media handles, E mail Marketing to promote your upcoming event is one of the pointers of the virtual event platform checklist.

Also, a customized event landing page is designed as per the organizer’s requirement for setting event registrations. After the website is live, the link can be shared on all social media handles to target and attract the attendees.

The right type of Marketing is very crucial for Virtual events, so companies like ibentos have integrated a high-end marketing dashboard that tracks your ROI, pre-and post-event! This real-time data helps organizers to take the right measures during the LIVE event.

7. Virtual event sponsors and partners

They are the lifeline of all events. Therefore, make sure that you have a dedicated sponsor booth, sessions, sponsor ads, and trade show space as they have a prominent place in the virtual event platform checklist.

8. Attract attendees to your Virtual event

Attendees play a very crucial role in the success of an event, so they hold an important place in the virtual event platform checklist.

They can be attracted by creating a buzz about your event on all social media platforms and attendees can be made aware of how this event would prove to be a life-changing opportunity for them, and how they will benefit from it by informing them about the prominent speakers participating in the event, about the networking options available and through gamification like words games, leader boards, more visitors can be attracted.

Activities include writing on Social walls by which visitors can share their valuable feedback on the event, Photo booths where they can get themselves clicked and make a lifetime memory out of it. The same can also be posted by attendees on their respective social media handles for spreading the positive word about the event, which will attract more audiences.

9. One- on- One interaction is again one of the ingredients of the virtual event platform checklist.

Allow your attendees to interact with sponsors and exhibitors through calls, chats, by seeking appointments, and breakout sessions.

10. Integrated Reports are a part of the virtual event platform checklist.

These are comprehensive reports which provide an insight to the organizers about how well their events like Virtual career fairs, education fairs, and webinars, conferences have performed by giving real-time data about the number of registrations made, sharing attendees’ consumption behaviour through their booth visits, and attendees’ complete journey during the event which helps organizers to make required changes for the upcoming events, if necessary.

A must have virtual event platform checklist in place ensures great success on the Virtual event platform.

The virtual event platform checklist gives wings to all your Virtual events.

ibentos is her to take your virtual events a notch higher. From implementing your event to marketing them to helping you create highly engaging events, ibentos provides integrated and power-packed event solutions for all your virtual requirement by mixing it with innovation.

With the technology-driven solutions at its disposal, ibentos has the power to turn the tables in your favour by providing spectacular results and enhancing ROI.

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