A New Touchscreen Software Bug Reported in Google Pixel 4a

No doubt, the Google Pixel 4a is a great device, but it does not respond well to Android 11. A vast number of users have reported, and many are still reporting about the new touchscreen bug in its update. The user complaints can be seen on Google support forums and XDA Developers section.

Users have reported the issue related to the sensitivity of the device’s touchscreen. The complaints from the users suggest that the scrolling gestures and touches of the device’s touchscreen become unresponsive at times. They also reported that, at times, the device’s screen acts as though some touch action is performed on it even though the user has performed none.

The matter worsened more, and the problem became more noticeable because of the installed screen protector. However, the issue got fixed for some when they removed the protective layer. But the users also had to switch the ‘touch and hold delay’ settings in that fix. Users have to set those settings to “short” on their handset’s accessibility settings.

Possible Reason for the Pixel 4a Touchscreen Bug

The above-discussed problems might be occurring due to two related features. Android 11 negates the bug entirely, and also; it may be because of the sensitivity settings of Google Pixel 4a. Every Pixel handset has a toggle feature for the user whose requirement is to increase the sensitivity for the use of screen protectors. As all the fixes mentioned here are software-related, that’s why the bug in the software might give an appearance of a mishap, particularly with Android 11.

One of the various Googlers has laid out this issue as a product issue and not a developer problem. The Googler has specified this in the Google Issue Tracker. But this doesn’t mean the way it seems. The issue might be particularly product-related. Yes, it may be a Pixel 4a’s issue rather than the problem of Android 11.

Rebooting the device might help to fix the issue temporarily. But that’s not a proper solution, and the worst is that even the factory reset, clearing cache, running in ‘Safe mode,’ or other ways doesn’t seem to permanently fix the issue.

Is there a fix on the way?

The Bug Tracker report signifies that not only Google knows about this underlying device issue, but it seems like it is working to fix it too. The bug is reportedly marked on a level 2 of severity and priority. It is also on the peak on the list of things that Googlers want to fix. But the bug yet hasn’t been assigned to an employee to fix. This means there is no appropriate timeline in which the fix will arrive. Even Google hasn’t provided a timeline yet. The only solution we can recommend right now to the users is that they should avoid updating their device to Android 11.


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