A Pet Pen for Your Furry Friend

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The dog has been, since ancient times, man’s most valued companion; that is why it is a reason of joy that the population is beginning to be more attentive to its actual needs, seeing so often so many customers at the pet shop near me. Whether they buy toys, different accessories, or only a pet pen, the store is full of clients who want to offer their pets the best. If you have a dog but do not keep him in the apartment, you need to know the main criteria to consider when you propose to find the best shelter for your dog.

What Type of Pet Pen Do You Need?

It is essential to decide, from the very beginning, what type of cage you need. Is it a pet pen for the yard? How much time will the dog spend outside? Does it have to be suitable for any season? You may need a transport cage to meet specific standards to be accepted on the plane. Or it’s simply about a pen that you can use in the house during the training period of a puppy, which is essential to be completely safe when left unattended. Some breeders use special cages for the exhibitions they participate in, where they can offer their dogs a safe space to relax.

Check Out the Pet Shop Near Me

The pen dimensions you consider must be adapted to the dog’s waist. A massive cage for a small dog will not be efficient because the heat losses are high in this case. On the other hand, a pen that is too narrow for a large dog will make it refuse to enter or will only partially protect it. In its cage, the dog should have room to stand up, turn around and sleep comfortably. The best method to correctly relate the size of the pen to the size of the dog is to measure your pet friend and, after, go to the pet shop near me and buy according to the criteria.

The pen’s length should equal the dog’s size so the animal can lie comfortably. Considering this, a pet pen for a large dog can reach some respectable dimensions. The selection of materials depends significantly on the type of product you are looking for. For the yard, considering that the purchased product is desirable to be used for an extended period, it is best to opt for a durable and resistant material. The plastic version is a model that is easy to move from one area to another.

If you choose a wooden cage, check whether it has been treated with toxic paints or varnishes. In addition, some dogs bear pens, which can lead to the formation of sharp chips, which must be removed regularly. The waterproofing is often obtained by covering the box with a layer of asphalted cardboard or, somewhat less often, with sheet metal. If you need a cage for transport, it is made of a unique, very resistant plastic for the plane. If you need a pen for your car or the interior, models at the pet shop near me are made of strong galvanized wire mesh.

The Structure of a Pen Is Important, Too

Several design elements significantly influence both the lifespan and the level of comfort that the chosen cage provides. For example, specialists recommend that, especially in the case of a dog that only stays outside, the pet pen should have the entrance positioned on one edge of the front panel, not in its center. The reason is simple: in this case, the wind, which can be pretty strong in certain seasons, will not reach the dog, which can shelter behind the corner. Unfortunately, you will find so many models at the pet shop near me that you will need help to choose one. So, pay attention to all small details.

If someone were to make you a sketch of a pet pen for a large dog – usually, they spend most of their time in the yard – you would appreciate the design, including an insulating inner layer. It can be represented by mineral wool or polyester, covered with a layer of plywood or paneling to protect it. An essential element can be represented by the veranda of a giant cage – where the dog can stay in the shade, outside, on hot days – and by generous eaves, which will prevent the formation of puddles right at the entrance, or the penetration of rainwater inside.

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Is it Reasonable to Buy a Second-Hand Dog Cage?

If you search for some models, dog crates are not exactly the cheapest accessories available from the pet shop near me, regardless of their type. Few people agree to use second-hand things, no matter if it is for them or their pets. And the vet is one of them. The explanation is a logical one. The moment you take a particular object from someone else, you don’t know the history of it. You need to find out where he used it, for how long it did, and under what circumstances. A new object represents no harm.

Cages made of plastic can be easily cleaned and disinfected, so the possible inconveniences associated with their use are significantly reduced. However, proper cage cleaning means you have to wash it with an appropriate solution for your pet that will not cause any harm. Afterward, it is mandatory to use a disinfectant solution safe for animals; your veterinarian can recommend one, or you can use a bottle he uses for consultation tables in the office. Or you can go to the pet shop near me and ask the salesman to recommend something appropriate.

Is the Door Necessary for the Dog Pen?

Opinions are divided on this subject, and it depends, of course, on the type of pen you use. If you refer to cells for the yard, the existence of a door can have both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is related to extra thermal protection during the winter. The major drawback is that in summer, on hot days, the ventilation inside is almost canceled, which means that the quadruped cannot use the pet pen. The ideal solution is a removable door, which you can remove after the winter.

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