It is estimated that approximately 140 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction (impotence). Nearly half of all the men with erectile dysfunction are believed to have some physical or medical cause. The remaining individuals are believed to have psychogenic causes of erectile dysfunction. Some medical causes of erectile dysfunction are diabetes and circulatory, neurological, or urological conditions.

Erectile dysfunction or ED, even known as impotence, is the inability to develop or keep up an erection for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is considered as different from other conditions which interfere with male sexual intercourse like lack of sexual desire and issues with ejaculation and ejaculatory dysfunction.


What is Cenforce?

The drug Cenforce consists of an active ingredient, known as Sildenafil, which is an FDA-approved medicine, used to cure erectile dysfunction issues in men. After it was introduced in the year 1998, it has become the most popular treatment for issues related to erectile dysfunction in men. Cenforce 200 is a fast-acting medicine and its action can last up to four hours. Men of all ages can take this medicine and the effect would be the same for all, regardless of how long the individual has been facing issues in developing and keeping an erection.


How can Cenforce 200 mg treat your issues regarding ED?

Cenforce 200 belongs to a group of medicines known as PDE-5 inhibitors. In order to know and understand, that how exactly the medicine works, it is necessary to know the physiological mechanism of erection.

After sexual arousal, nitrogen oxide (NO) is released into the corpus cavernous body of the penis. After the release of Nitrogen oxide actives, an enzyme, known as guanylate cyclase, leads to the synthesis of cGMP or cyclic GMP. Cyclic GMP comes into contact with the smooth muscles of the cavernous body which results in the relaxation of the muscles. Due to this, more blood flows to the penis and a penile erection is achieved.

Cyclic GMP is inactivated by the enzyme phosphodiesterase type-5 or PDE-5. By inhibiting this particular enzyme, Sildenafil citrate increases the amount of cyclic GMP which results in an improved erection. The main benefit of Cenforce 200 and other PDE-5 inhibitors is that it works only when there is presence of sexual stimulation, which means that these ED pills resemble the natural mechanism of penile erection.


How to take it?

Read all the information provided on the leaflet, by your pharmacist before you start consuming the drug Cenforce 200 and each time you get a refill. If you have any queries in mind regarding the dosage or any other thing, ask your doctor or the pharmacist.

To cure erectile dysfunction, take Cenforce 200 by mouth as directed by your health care provider or doctor, usually as needed. Take Cenforce 200 mg tablet at least 30 minutes, but not more than 4 hours, prior to any sexual activity. Do not take it again on the same day. If you have a high fat meal, then it can delay how quickly Cenforce 200 begins its action.

Your doctor would suggest you the dosage based on your response to treatment, your medical condition, and other medicines which you are taking. Make sure that you let your doctor know about all the products you use, such as prescribed drugs, non-prescribed drugs or any other herbal products. You must inform your doctor if Cenforce 200 doesn’t work or the condition does not improve.



Before you take Cenforce 200, tell your doctor if you are allergic to it or if you have any other allergies. This product might contain certain ingredients, which may cause allergic reactions or any other complications. You can talk to your pharmacist if you need more details.

The drug can may make you feel dizzy or result in minor vision changes but consuming alcohol or marijuana can make you feel dizzier. After taking the medication, do not drive, use any machinery or do anything which needs proper attention, alertness or clear vision, until you can do it safely. It is preferred that you limit drinking alcohol and talk to your doctor if you are using marijuana.

Dizziness, headache, stomach upset and flushing may occur. Minor changes in vision like increased sensitivity to light, blurred vision or trouble telling blue and green colours apart might even occur. If any of these side effects worsen or persist, tell your doctor about it and explain the whole matter for proper treatment. To minimize the chances of experiencing dizziness and light-headedness, get up slowly when rising from a lying or sitting position. Always remember that your doctor has prescribed you Cenforce 200 because he or she has judged that the benefit to you is much greater than the risk of side effects. Most of the consumers do no experience critical side effects of this drug if they follow the guidelines provided by their doctor or pharmacist.


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