A Powerful Pharmacy Technician: 5 Telltale Signs

If you operate a pharmacy and are in need of a new pharmacy technician, you should have some idea of what qualities are essential for success in the position. When reviewing a candidate’s application or conducting an interview, what do you look for? The next time you’re hiring a pharmacy technician, keep these qualities in mind.

Capacity in Mathematics

Writing prescriptions and measuring pharmaceuticals, ordering, stocking, and packing medications, and performing inventory management are all duties of pharmacy techs. Mathematical proficiency is required for these tasks.

You should examine the applicant’s high school and pharmacy technician training course mathematics education and experience on their résumé. One such option is to give the candidate a math exam with questions that are comparable to those they may face on the job.

Proficient verbal and nonverbal communication

Technicians must be able to communicate effectively with patients and pharmacists, therefore this is a crucial ability. You must evaluate their written and vocal communication skills. Looking at their application materials, such as their résumé and cover letter, will give you a fair impression of their writing abilities. A candidate’s ability to converse fluently and articulately can also be gauged by their answers to interview questions.

You may gauge their communication abilities by asking them how they would respond to puzzled consumers, in need of information, or furious.

Skills in planning and organizing

Technicians at pharmacies must check prescriptions for accuracy, manage stock, keep records, and label and package drugs for distribution. The technician’s capacity to organize and prioritize their work is crucial for success in this role.

During the interview, you should inquire about the candidate’s experience with these duties in past positions.

Technology-related talents

To add to the complexity, technicians are sometimes tasked with using various computer systems, including those designed specifically for managing pharmaceuticals and those designed for data entry pertaining to customers and insurance claims. Find out whether the technician has basic computer skills.

One method to tell is to inquire about the individual’s education and work history with various computer systems.

Analytical thinking

Every now and then, you’ll run against issues that need to be resolved when working at a drugstore. Technicians must be prepared to deal with situations that fall under their purview, such as incorrect billing or a lack of prescriptions.

If you want to know how competent they are in this area, you could inquire about their experience dealing with similar challenges. Start by having them describe the issue, then their solution, and finally, the result.

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