A Quick Guide to The Different Types of Vapes

It is usually not easy to pick the right vapes that can match your needs. Vapes can be classified by what a person vapes or by the devices they use in vaping their e-liquids. When choosing a vape juice, you will consider its structure, cost, make, and have in mind the best vape juice flavor.

1. non-nicotine vapes

Most people use non-nicotine vapes because they are not highly addictive. Therefore, they are greatly used by vapers in all corners of the globe. For those who use both nicotine e-liquid and non-nicotine ones, the trick is that they want to lower the amounts of nicotine they inhale.

2. Nicotine vapes

These are the most commonly used vapes. Since nicotine comes in different strengths and e-liquid types, for instance, freebase nicotine and salt nicotine, you have a broader selection to pick from. Furthermore, you can find nicotine vapes in an e-cigarette, pod system, and mod.

• E-cigarettes

These are the simplest types of nicotine vapes available in the market today. You can find them in the forms of pens or one-use pods, which can be replaced. They are the most convenient for newbie smokers since they are smaller, convenient, and perfect for stealthy vaping.

• Pod system

These are portable vapes consisting of the batteries and the pods. The pods are refillable and are the best options to use for higher-strength nicotine vaping. They are the best choices to use when you want something simpler and more stealthier to use. Besides, they are usually less expensive as compared to mods.

• Mods

Mods are more powerful and are used to vape the best available flavors at the highest possible output powers. Since they use batteries, you can choose the temperature you want to use, which is a huge advantage.

3. Cannabis Vapes

The use of cannabis vapes is today prevalently used. Most cannabis lovers are moving from smoking cannabis to cannabis vaping. With the different available types of vapes, CBD vapes, and THC vapes, vaping cannabis is quite safer than smoking. This is because it does not have tar.

4. Vitamin vapes

These are the other stranger vapes that are available and are being sold in the markets today. It is not clear to what extent vitamin vapes are beneficial or healthy. However, judging from the name, you can be sure that you do not have to instantly take vitamins when you have such vapes at your disposal.
There are various types of vapes, with every one of them having its advantages and disadvantages. At times, the goodness or badness depends on your vaping requirements. Remember, some of these vapes are perfect for cannabis smokers. These include – cannabis vape and dry herb vaporizer, while some, for example, nicotine vaping, should mainly be used by people who used to smoke before but have since stopped.

We are aware that various diverse types of vapes exist, and at times it is difficult to distinguish them. Nevertheless, should you follow this simplified guide, you will be better equipped to understand and familiarize yourself with the different types of vapes sold in the markets today.

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