A Quick Guide to Use the Walking Cane, Stick, or Crutch Correctly

Are you using the walking cane or stick in the right way? This is an important question to think about. For people with mobility issues, walking sticks, canes, or crutches are a must. While it is easy to get Mobility Aids and Equipment Online, knowing how to use them correctly is important. Here are some of the best ways to ensure that you are using the walking stick or cane correctly.

  • Get the Right Walking Stick

The first you need to do is to get the right walking stick. Before you Shop Supports Online

, it is always better to consult your doctor or a therapist. On the basis of whether you have an injured leg, hip, or knee, the doctor can recommend the right type of walking stick you must use. Once you know the right walking stick for your injury, make sure to get a walking stick of the ideal height. Use a walking stick that easily comes to your wrist, thereby eliminating any pressure on your wrists and shoulders.

  • Use the Walking Stick on the Opposite Side

Many people often commit the mistake of using the walking stick on the same side of the injured leg. This can put more pressure on your injured leg and ultimately lead to increased pain. The correct way is to use the walking stick on your strong side. It helps in shifting the pressure and enabling you to walk without any pain.

  • Maintain a Good Posture

When you use a walking stick or cane, maintaining a good posture is important. Try to keep your back as much straight as you can. Avoid leaning too much towards the side or front. In order to ensure proper balance while walking, you can consider putting your weight on the stick.

  • Use the Stick Correctly When Climbing Stairs

For people with mobility issues, climbing the stairs can be challenging. However, by using the walking stick correctly, it can be easier. When climbing up the stairs, make sure to put your good leg first. After that, move the walking cane and injured leg at the same time. But when descending the stairs, you must start with the cane first.



Now that you know the ways to use your walking cane or stick correctly, it can reduce your chances of falling. Whether you want to shop for walking aids or Buy Braces & Support OnlineMobility2You is the perfect go-to place for you.

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