A Resounding Yes: Why Rouse Hill Is One of the Safest Areas in Sydney


Rouse Hill is one of the safest areas in Sydney and one of the fastest-growing suburbs in New South Wales! As a result, Rouse Hill development is the perfect choice for families and individuals who want to live in Sydney. Surrounded by nature parks and bushland, as well as two major shopping centres, Rouse Hill offers plenty to do and see if you want to move out of the bustling city but don’t want to sacrifice safety in the process. Here are just a few reasons why Rouse Hill may be your best bet in terms of safety if you’re looking to buy a property or rent an apartment in Sydney.

Improved Road Safety

Rouse Hill and its surrounding suburbs are consistently ranked as one of the safest areas in Sydney. The suburb is home to many schools, parks and public spaces, making it a desirable location for those with children. Plus, Rouse Hill has plenty of shopping centres and supermarkets to cater for your every need.

Increased CCTV Cameras

Rouse Hill is one of the safest areas in Sydney, with increased CCTV cameras to monitor safety. In fact, there are many CCTV cameras installed throughout the area. These surveillance systems are monitored by a closed circuit television room. So, now, it’s time for you to search online for ‘Rouse Hill land for sale.’ to see what’s available.

An Increase in Police Presence

The police will be more visible and active as they work with the community to ensure that Rouse Hill is a safe place for our future. In addition to this, there are many other security features being put into place, such as ‘rapid response’ teams, CCTV cameras and a dedicated team to tackle graffiti vandalism. We are proud of how many people have come together to make Rouse Hill feel like home.

Taxi Stands Added to Roads

To ensure that residents, workers and visitors can always find a taxi when they need one, we’ve added taxi stands to key locations across our suburb. These are particularly useful for those who live or work on the outskirts of Rouse Hill and have to walk a long way to get to shops and public transport.

The Bottom Line

A lot of people have the misconception that Rouse Hill is unsafe, or at least less safe than the other areas in Sydney. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, with such low crime statistics and so many safety features in place, you’re safer in Rouse Hill than you are in some major cities throughout the world. And did you know Rouse Hill land release is live now? Make your purchase now!

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