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“I didn’t think of him just as a running guard,” Matt Rhule “said in an interview on Tuesday afternoon. “We regard him as an offensive weapon. He can become an outer hand, running guards and back to attack hands. He is not the player you can fix.”

Kobe is described in this: “It’s like the former girlfriend with you. After five years, I will want to be better than before, and I have been married, and I have a child. This will be aware: & lsquo; Yes, I am very good, I am also very good & rsquo; “

Braddy said that he didn’t know where it was in the future. wholesale nfl Jerseys TV Network Reporter Ian RapoPort reported that Tampa Bay pirates and Los Angeles lightning offers a daily salary of at least $ 30 million in quotation.

Among them, the most representative defensive appearance appears in the fourth quarter, and the horses only use 29 seconds to let the wild horses continue to attack. Among them, Davis took twice twice. Safety Sky Mike – Mike Adams said: “We want to complete our work, win honor for the team. We know that Rock will win a lot of points in the offensive party, then our job is to limit the opponent score Everyone can find a way to win with their work as long as we do our own work. “

Pony Cangwei: We defeated the wild horse with the Hawks

Indianapolis Pony has ushered in a lot of people expects to win, facing Denver wild horses with the best gathering of the league, the pony will limit the score of 13 points. In the end, they entered the United States with 24-13.

In the past two seasons over the past two seasons, McCaffli participated in 91% and 93% offensive. In these two seasons, he is not only the player in the ball, but also the player who has the most ball number.

“I want to thank all incredible fans and patriots supporters. In 20 years, Massachusetts is my home. This is really a 20-year year that I can imagine in my life, I am in New England time. I only loved and grateful. I got a huge support & mdash; & mdash; I hope that each player can have the same experience. My child is born here, you always put me this California child as yours. You are far from your team’s investment and loyalty. It is much better than you think that you think is big. The people who are surging, the unacceptable stadium and the frequent championships that often held. I am fortunate to share these experiences with you. I have been trying to represent our best and most respectable state, and my teammates have worked hard to win the victory in even the most unfavorable situation. You open your heart to you, I am open to you. Patriotic I have always become part of me. I don’t know where my career is in the future, but now my life and career will enter the next stage. I thank you from the heart, I will always love you, love us. Common experience & mdash; & mdash; a day full of happiness memories. “

Black Leopard coach: Christian – McCaffea is not only running

The Carolina Black Panther gave the Jog Kristian-McCaffrey, a four-year average salary reached a contract of 16 million US dollars, and re-established the benchmark of the running guard market.

In the 20 years of playing the patriot, Braddy won the super bowl of MVP 4 times, 3 won the league MVP, 5 times selected the best lineup, 2 times won the best offensive player award in the year, 14 times. Selection of professional bowls.

For Great Original, it is always a problem in this season, he has only finished 3 games. However, his play is enough to allow the steel man to stay in the seasons. Considering that Pony is currently a weak leader in competition, defeating them can make steel people to achieve advantageous positions in competition. As of Friday, the steel man is currently the first seed of the United States of America and Mdash; & mdash; only a little bit is only a bit.

Woodson said: “When I returned to Auckland, the fans opened my arms to me, as if I didn’t leave. I want everyone to know, this is extraordinary for me and my family. I can return here, I am very Happiness, I still have a game to be done. This is very interesting, I used to tell my teammate, if I can return to the childhood, how to develop my career, I don’t think I can write more than the realism Good story. “

Woodson: The career is perfect for no registration

The Auckland raid guard defended Charles Woodson completed the star curtain performance at home, and the star player who had just selected professional bowl has decided to retire after the end of this season. In an interview, Woodson said that even if he wrote a script for his career, he can also draw a better career.

McCaffli is 403 times last season, and the total offensive advances 2392 yards, obtain 19 Deta, and the three data sheets column column first. And he became a player who broke the thousand code in the third single session season. Just 1985 Roger Craig and 1999 Marshall Faulk have completed this strong.

Since the 2001 season, Drelu Blade, Bradric, Braddy led the patriot to achieve the best level of history. When he brought the team, the patriot had never been honest, 9 times entered the super bowl, 6 won the super bowl of champion and won the 17th Mei Liandong District champion, including the partition 11

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