A revolution in the world of beauty: 热玛吉第五代:

Today we would like to share with you the latest revolution in the beauty and appliances sector: 热玛吉第五代, the most powerful radiofrequency in the world. After 10 years and a series of improvements including the patient experience, it is introduced to the market as the fourth generation after Thermage 4th generation.

Combating the passage of time on our skin is possible thanks to this type of equipment that allows us to reaffirm and tighten those areas that have greater flabbiness. Those areas such as the eyes and neck or even at the body level since it is possible to apply it to any area of ​​the body.

What is 热玛吉第五代?

Thermage is a technique of skin tightening using radiofrequency which penetrates deep in the dermal skin layer. This latest 5th generation is much more tolerated easily. That allows us to use higher settings while operating and get better skin tightening results.

Without surgeries or invasive treatments, this protocol consists of the application of a capacitive monopolar radiofrequency of 500w, the most innovative technology on the market. That heats the dermis to the deepest areas, causing a double effect: on the one hand, it stimulates the synthesis of collagen existing and for another creation of the new collagen due to the denaturation of the existing collagen.

Another attraction of the 热玛吉英国 is that it does not require much of our time. The sessions last between 30-90 minutes depending on the area to be treated and are carried out every 6 months or more.

That is depending on the characteristics of each skin, since many times no other session is necessary until the passage of even more time. The results are long-lasting and begin to be visible from the first session, and as we all know, few things are more comforting than having tangible results so quickly.

The topic regarding pain, which is usually one of the most frequent concerns, is one of the benefits of this new radiofrequency. That integrates a new method of vibrations and is the only one that cools the type of application while it warms the skin, both innovations collaborating to make the session more comfortable and thus improving the experience of each one.

This latest innovation is currently the most powerful treatment in the world in the beauty sector and 热玛吉 is currently leading and well-known and only in the UK to be able to offer it.

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