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In the competition of last week with Cincinnati, Fremman completed 15 times, leading the whole team, and contributed 1.5 times and killed 1 time. It is worth paying attention to the entire regular season, Fremman only completed 1.5 times. This season, Fritman has been absent from the first half of the season in the first half of the season, and the last 1 week of the regular season also chooses to fight. However, after the start of the playoff, he proved its value again.

Will Smith is not watching the game after shooting “brain shock”
Will Smith has been a fan of Philadelphia, faithfully looking at the super bowl, but since his new film “brain shock” is released, everything has changed.

Chuck Pagano, Chuck Pagano, said: “Our defensive group dedicated a successful game, but Freieman is the best. You can see him in any corner on the court, he The speed is faster than anyone, which helps us speed up the entire defensive group. ”

Recently, he said when he interviewed Yahoo Sports reporter: “I have never seen a whole game, I will see some things at the airport, or look at the opportunities in the news, it’s right now. Stress, it is very contradictory for me, American football is still the most popular sport in the United States, all has not changed, but it has another side of it, you will not forget this. ”

Since the season of 2012, Chicley has completed 480 hugging to lead alliances. After leaving the base, Klein was completed 5 times in the second half. Previously, he sent 10 times for the black leopard. In the absence of a base, the Black Panther still only allows the opponent to advance 75 yards, and there is no results to get the opponent.

Chicley was injured in the game with Jacksonville America last week. At that time, he tried to hug T. J. Yerton (T. J. Yeldon), Cheap nfl jerseys the two sides collided, then the base is in advance. Only in the first half, he has completed 7 times.

Let Peterson have aggravated the team for Viking in terms of salaries. In the case of Yijing’s best coach, one of the best defensive groups, they don’t have to rely on Pitterson. Peterson may not be like the team’s backbone, but we have seen running guards in recent years and choose a smarter punch.

Back to the second half, the Panthers and Cardinals first wave of attack are no achievements, this time Cardinals punt hand Butler contributed poor performance again, once only 31 yard punt 39 yards at halftime makes the Panthers directly Cardinals kick-off, then a short pass Newton found by running back wall Fudge – Whittaker (Fozzy Whittaker), Whitacre flash turn maneuvers complete 39 yards touchdowns, panther go-ahead score 20:14. Then again, the Cardinals mistakes, return man Ted – Gold (Tedd Ginn Jr) accidentally get rid of the ball when ready to return to the attack, the ball is under control Panthers, in third gear after the Cardinals defensive security guard Tony – after Jefferson (Tony Jefferson) was identified in a routine defensive pass interference referee as a direct result of the whole guard Mike panther – Tolbert (Mike Tolbert) completed one yard touchdowns, to instantly expand the score 27: 14. After the Cardinals subject to Lindley’s performance has never been able to advance, while the Panthers here because successive penalty was whistled for fouls code had not been able to continue to expand the score. Game in the fourth quarter ushered in a small climax, Newton was caused third gear off the ball in a long yardage offense Cardinals defense group, Cardinals security guard Rashad – Johnson (Rashad Johnson) grabbed the ball and Panthers attack back into the red zone, the game suspense was underway. Unfortunately, the ball is quickly followed by Lindley Panthers linebacker Luke – Chikhli (Luke Kuechly) steals, the Cardinals lost a great scoring opportunity. But the Cardinals defense at a critical moment to come forward again, a tough covering defense to help the team cause Panthers offensive third gear again without success. But the Cardinals offensive team again waste the opportunity, Lindley was the Panthers defensive end Charles – Johnson (Charles Johnson) to complete a row sack, can only choose to punt again. After Lindley again steals the ball, the game completely lost the suspense, the Panthers sent a note proactive security points at the last minute to delay the end of the game, the final score frames is 27:16.

Obviously, the contract is the primary problem. Peterson has a high salary in 2017 and is not guaranteed. He is expected to take up a $ 18 million wage. In this season, he was only played in 3 games because of his knees injury and a total of 72 yards. Whether Pitters has talented, Viking does not want to pay him so much salary.

Black Leopard Wikikli is determined that you can’t come.
Carlina Black Leopard Pioneer Middle Line Wei Luke Kuechly will not appear in this week. As the core of the team’s defensive group, Chicley has been playing for 52 consecutive years, but this number will draw next to this week. The third grade line guard A.j. Klein (A.j. Klein) will replace the Chuckley first to the Chaouston Texas.

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