A Short Guide to Solar Regulators

Controlador solar

A solar regulator (also known as a charge controller) is utilised in conjunction having a stand alone (off grid) or a grid connect solar energy system that incorporates a backup battery bank. For any grid connect solar energy system that doesn’t use batteries, a solar regulator is not necessary. Get additional information about regulador de carga solar

A solar regulator is a tiny box consisting of solid state circuitry which is placed between a solar panel along with a battery. Its function should be to regulate the quantity of charge coming in the panel that flows into the deep cycle battery bank so that you can stay away from the batteries being overcharged.

A regulator can also present a direct connection to appliances, while continuing to recharge the battery; i.e. you’ll be able to run appliances straight from it, bypassing the battery bank; however the batteries will continue to become charged.

Modern solar regulators are extremely efficient and can outperform just about any 3 stage mains power battery charger.

Selecting a solar regulator

To decide the size regulator you are going to need, verify the amp ratings of your solar panels and add these figures up – that figure is definitely the minimum size regulator you will nee. Also bear in mind when deciding on a solar regulator, it really is essential to also look ahead – when you consider you will be adding for your system, it pays to buy a regulator rated as high as you possibly can, which can save you money once you add additional solar panels.

Solar regulator maintenance

A solar regulator needs no upkeep aside from regular checks in the wired in connections to determine that they’re tight and corrosion totally free. A solar regulator should be mounted out of direct sunlight and in an location where there’s decent air flow. When the solar regulators of these days are very robust; performance and serviceable life will suffer in extreme heat.

As an additional security mechanism to safeguard the regulator, your batteries and appliances, plus lessen fire risk, it is smart to place an appropriately rated fuse between the solar panel and the regulator.

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