A Significant N C Powerball Winner In Hendersonville

Powerball will be played three nights a week beginning Monday, lottery officials said in a news release Friday. Lottery players will have one more opportunity to win some huge jackpots starting next week. The winners in Tennessee, John and Lisa Robinson, came forward shortly soon after the winning numbers were drawn in January. They chose to take the lump sum payout of $328 million just before taxes. Smith said that she picked the winning numbers and they were the same set of numbers she has been playing “for years,” even though she does not play on a regular basis.
However, these amounts could change if essential based on the ticket sales required to help the jackpot. Each mark 35 weeks with out a jackpot winner in either game. The last time any individual won either game’s leading prize was September.

The final time a person won a Powerball jackpot was for the Jan. 20, 2021, drawing. Saturday’s Powerball drawing developed the winner of $238 million from a ticket bought at Publix. Soon after going back and forth, she realized she actually did win the lottery. She told her sister to get in her truck with the ticket and “drive slow” to her residence, she stated.
They are basically providing you one much more chance every single week to play the game. Due to the fact no one matched all the numbers but, the developing $258 million jackpot now moves to the next Powerball drawing, which is set for Saturday, Aug. 14. The odds of winning the grand prize is 1 in 292,201,338, according to lottery officials. In addition to the likelihood to win, in this case, $293 million, Powerball players can take benefit of a different chance to win money with a new feature known as Double Play. That feature will let players in choose jurisdictions an additional chance to match their Powerball numbers in a separate drawing. The best prize in the Double Play feature will be capped at $ten million.
Powerball tickets cannot be canceled, and all sales are final. If you only match the Powerball quantity, you win at minimum $4 파워볼 중계. In April 2020, Powerball announced alterations to the starting jackpot amount.

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