A simple guide to Swimming Pool maintenance!


The swimming pool is a masterpiece of family fun. Unfortunately, with no proper maintenance, the sparkling pool will become dirty, smelly, and just plain gross. Swimming pool maintenance is not as fun as swimming and splashing, but the right techniques can make it simple, allowing you to get back to enjoying the water quickly. This post covers all the details of general swimming pool maintenance with online pool supplies that can help you enjoy your pool and make the pool equipment last longer.

Basic swimming pool maintenance:

The basic steps to clean your swimming pool include:

– Scrubbing the walls

– Cleaning the water

– Keeping the filter maintained

– Cleaning the areas around the pool

These five steps can make cleaning your pool an easy task without interrupting your fun time.

Skim the surface:

Debris tends to collect on the surface of your pool every day. Removing these will help keep the water fresh, allowing you to deep clean less frequently. You can attach the cleaning net to a pool pole and sweep across the surface of your pool to remove any floating debris. As the net gets dirty, shake the debris off on the ground before putting it back into the water. Skimming your pool water regularly will keep the debris from sinking to the bottom.

Brush the walls:

The sidewalls of your pool should be scrubbed to remove chemical residue, dirt, and potential algae growth. Take the pool pole again and attach a pool brush with it. You can buy both from pool shop online. Brush every corner, wall, and ladder of the pool. Take the time required, don’t skip any tight spot that can allow algae growth. Brushing can push on algae and dirt into the water, which can be cleaned easily.

Vacuum the floor:

Take your pool pole once again and attach the vacuum head to it to remove any dirt and debris sticking to the bottom of your pool. Move your vacuum head through the entire pool floor to remove debris. While doing so, avoid rushing and stirring up the dirt, which will eventually settle back to the bottom.

Clean the filter:

Cleaning your swimming pool is useless if you ignore the filter. You will be cleaning a lot more often if your pool is not clean enough to circulate water effectively. There are many types of swimming pool filters in the market, and each has different cleaning needs. So make sure to stick to the maker’s instructions to clean your filter.

Wash the deck:

Sweep the area surrounding your swimming pool to remove grass clippings, leaves, and other debris which will possibly end up back in the pool. Spray the space with a high-pressure hose from direct pool shop online to remove chemical residue and algae growth. You should disinfect the deck occasionally and remove bacteria and algae growth. Always use specialised cleaners and a stiff brush to clean the deck area thoroughly.

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