A small guide to know about payroll tax attorney

The term payroll tax defines the amount deducted from the monthly salary of the employee by the employer. The employee did not get the whole income. The deducted amount is used in terms of taxes that transact in a government fund. The employer or business owner is responsible for depositing and reporting employment taxes at the end of the year.


The tax law gives IRS the authority to set tax codes for businesses with unpaid payroll taxes. In some severe cases, the unpaid payroll tax shut down the businesses. It happens when the employer ends up taxing money on other expenses and faces a shortage during tax season. The IRS follows standard collection procedures resulting in liens and levies to collect the payroll amount from the employer. Tax should be paid in full by the employer. Otherwise, it can be treated as a loan taken by the government without government consent. However, there are some cases where small businesses can avoid owing payroll taxes.


Form 941, 944,945, and 940 are there to file the payroll tax. This form works well with quarterly and semi-weekly filers or has not been filed yet. Filing the payroll and having knowledge about the tax codes is not easy. Therefore, managing it on your own may lead to some mistakes. Seeking the help of a payroll tax attorney relaxes you and eases the procedure.


The attorneys are much qualified and experienced in handling the case. Seek the help of the attorneys of Kreig LLC in Houston to solve all your tax disputes. Our experienced attorneys review your relationship so your business won’t face tax disputes again. We review numerous areas like miscalculating the payment of an employee, the company misclassifies employees, poor tracking payment missing ESI filling timelines where the company can make mistakes. With the help of an experienced payroll tax attorney, you will get the right solution for all your worries. They help avoid all the issues with the right guidance and proper planning.


Payroll mistake is an expensive affair. So, it is a fact that as long as there are taxes, there is a need for a tax attorney Making it clean helps you to stay safe from all the legal issues. Leave it to our experts to assure that the payroll of your firm is in your right hand and your errors away from the process. Book your appointment now!


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