A Space-Saving Water Softener System

Home water softeners can take up lots of space most standard systems are rather bulky in particular the resin tanks. Should you have a huge garage or utility room exactly where you can house your softener you happen to be in luck. Having said that most people never have space indoors also to their washer, dryer, water heater, along with other huge appliances. For this reason some homeowners just like the idea of installing their system outdoors. There are actually some key challenges that you simply will ought to think about before you go through with this. Get additional information about water softener in UAE

Cold weather

Of course should you live up north you’ll know that it could be not possible to install your water softener outdoors nonetheless in case you live in Florida which you could possibly be tempted to install your water softener outdoors due to the fact you normally never get cold climate. Even though you’ll find strategies around this beware that if water freezes inside your water softener tank it could bring about severe damage to your softener. Really there are actually methods to set up your water softener outdoors regardless of where you live. You can build an insulated shelter over the unit or bury it underground.


A water treatment system is generally a pretty durable piece of equipment however becoming in the atmosphere can degrade your system over time. If you’re going to set up your softener outside make certain that you simply get protective coverings for all the valve’s and any elements that could be exposed to the elements. You’ll find systems which might be sold for each indoor and outdoor use having said that they’re not meant to be exposed to continuous sun, rain, ice, or snow. Ensure that your water softening system features a warranty that covers outdoor installation before you make the choice to help keep your softener system outside.


If you are installing a common ion exchange water softening system, a salt-based system, you’ll need not merely access to water but in addition access to electricity and a drain line. For those who are in a position to have access to all of those installing your unit outside is usually a wonderful notion due to the fact you may create a smaller shed that would house your softening unit as well as house all of your bags of sodium chloride. Because salt commonly comes in 40 or 80 pound bags housing them outdoors yet away in the elements could be a major advantage.

Feel about this

So perhaps you do not have room inside for a massive softening unit but you live inside a incredibly cold climate and installing the system outside what’s it as well numerous challenges also there are few other alternatives you may take into consideration. A compact unit may be a fantastic option some units are made to maximize their use of space or you might basically install your water softener so that it softened inside your drinking water then you could get by using a unit that made considerably less softened water per day. You could also look at a tankless system which primarily is really a salt-free system days never do exactly precisely the same issue as a salt-based system does even so if space is usually a significant concern you might wish to look into them.

Point-of-use softeners are also on the market now, you’ll be able to get a softening system to go directly on your shower head as well some dishwashers now, with built-in softeners. Regrettably you will find some cons connected with these options the point-of-use systems only work in one smaller region meaning you may have to obtain quite a few to obtain the benefits that a entire house system would provide you with this could possibly end up costing you a lot more money.

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