A Step-By-Step Guide To The Furnace Installation in Ottawa

Did you realize that installing your new furnace and operational is one of the most crucial steps? The Department of Energy claims that an improperly installed furnace can waste up to 30% of energy costs.

For this reason, you must employ a licensed HVAC professional to install your furnace. You can complete the furnace installation process using the step-by-step instructions in this manual. So these instructions will ensure a seamless Furnace installation Ottawa whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.


Before beginning the furnace installation process, ensure adequate ventilation to circulate carbon monoxide outside the home effectively. To find out if there are any rules governing vent pipes, speak with your fuel supplier. Additional vents can be required to accommodate humidifiers and other appliances added later.

Insulation is important to remember since it helps to reduce heat buildup in a room once it has warmed up. Additionally, avoid overloading the wood-burning appliance because it was not made to support that weight.

Set Up Your Site

First, ensure the area around it is free of any objects or other devices obstructing airflow. It also has to have access to the gas line and power outlet. Use additional vents if your home doesn’t have an outdoor one.

If space is limited, think about employing a wall mount rather than a floor-standing one. Before storing the furnace for subsequent installation, the area around it must be free of obstacles.

Any flammable materials nearby should be removed. Keep in mind that if they come into contact with the exhaust gases released by the unit, they could catch fire. All sides should have at least three feet of clearance.

Study The Directions From The Manufacturer

It is essential to read the handbook before starting any installation operations. It contains details about what occurs during furnace installation.

The following information can be found in a furnace installation & Furnace repair Ottawa manual:

Getting ready for installation
establishing gas or electricity connections
Putting the new furnace and burner pipe system in place
to ensure effective venting, check the flue pipe clearances.
Testing the gas and electrical systems of the furnace

Follow these instructions carefully to ensure your new furnace operates properly and safely.

Test It Out

Restart the power after everything is connected. After waiting for around 10 minutes, carefully listen for any odd noises to see if it worked.

If everything is in order, watch for the appliance to begin heating up and accessorizing by itself using its inducer fan. Once it does, ensure the furnace’s power-on light turns on, stays bright, and doesn’t flicker excessively. If so, your new furnace has been successfully installed.

Need To Install Or Repair A New Furnace?

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