A Style Guide to Korean Fashion


Koreans have not only taken the music world to the next level but also the fashion industry. Korean fashion has been greatly influencing the fashion world and our everyday fashion choices for the past few years. This was brought by the global popularity of South Korea’s pop culture, like k-pop music and k-dramas. Not to mention about the Idols of the k-pop and k-dramas. In fact, this trend has come up with their favourite idol’s life choices like what they wear, eat, shows they watch, and much more.

Since Korean fashion continues to influence across the world, k-fashion inspired outfits has now become the must-have wardrobe essentials to many. kpop shop has everything you need to incorporate Korean fashion into your wardrobe.

This style guide you on how to make a statement with Korean-inspired outfits:-

Oversized Tops

Yeah, you read it write. An oversized cloth or outfit mightn’t be your thing. However, it is a trending fashion that you need to get adapted. Even though oversized tops have always been on-trend, Koreans have mastered and perfected them. Versatility is the major key feature of oversized tops, makes it easier to style them in different ways. You could pair it with denim shorts, skirts, and even high-waisted ripped jeans. Also, it’s possible to wear it as a shirt dress or tuck in when pairing with a high-waisted bottom. If you are looking for an oversized top that’s imprinted with your favourite idol, you could find it in Kpop Store.

Dressing over a Top

Koreans love to wear a dress over the top and have mastered the art of layering their outfits. Often, you could have noticed idols wearing low-cut dresses being worn over long-sleeve tops or t-shirts, or a midi dress over a blouse. They tend to mix it with simple tops to layer their outfits, making the dress appear stylish and comfortable. It will look stylish chic and appear modest enough for performing day-to-day activities and errands.

Ripped Jeans

It’s no wonder ripped jeans are on-trend. Ripped jeans are a must-have outfit for anyone who wants to incorporate k-fashion into their outfit. It looks cool and provides an effortless styling opportunity. Koreans always prefer outfits that are simple to wear and comfortable and ripped jeans are one of them.

Oversized Hoodies

Like tops, oversized hoodies are Korean’s favourite outfit. They are comfortable clothing to wear. It can be worn not only during workout sessions but also to errands and hanging out with friends. It gives a feel like staying at home in style.


There’s no Korean inspired outfit without sneakers. As said, Koreans would love to keep it low and minimal. A pair of sneakers will complete your Korean look. It’s one of the popular Kpop Merchandise.

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