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Brown officially confirmed this news, General Manager John Doctor wrote in the statement: “This afternoon, we decided to pay for Joh-Gordon and his agents. In the past six years, Brown There are many support, and there is also a lot of support. Whether it is a personal level or a professional level, it is for him. Unfortunately, we finally came to this step: part of the road, and each line. smoothly.”

Hawks a new show running 卫 佩尼 Finger fracture need surgery

On August 15th, the Haiying Team was trained in Monday, and the first round of Rashaad Penny left early. According to Seattle reporter Bob Condotta, the Peni is injured, a finger fracture.

Antonio – Brown and Rooney agreed, and hope that the new team to provide sufficient security payments

Beijing February 20 hearing on Tuesday, US time, wide receiver Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown) and Steelers boss Stuart – talks Rooney II (Art Rooney II) finally come to an end.

Gordon is Brown 2012 two-wheeled show, and the ball is coming. He played 14 games in the 2013 season, completed 87 times, promoted 1646 yards, became a bulls, and was selected for ALL-PRO and a career bowl. However, the external problem affects his career, and Gordon has been banned because of the violation of the affiliate drug abuse policy. And in the fourth violation of the policy, it was bought indefinitely. After experiencing a long rehabilitation treatment, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys Gordon returned in the middle of the 2017 season, playing 5 games, completed 18 batches, and pushed 335 yards.

Under the new coach – Kelly, 49 people may use a lot of shock attack. Hyde is the team’s number one running guard. There is also Mike Davis after him. Shane Davis. Shaun Draughn and Du Juan – Harris (Dujuan Harris).

O’Brien is not very moving in the lunar season. He takes Texas people to take over Deandre Hopkins to transaction to the rickets, exchanged chips with the highest two-wheel signs and running guards. David Johnson. At present, Texas Financial Square Wash Push Push Code Co-Conditions.

Brown wrote: Rooney boss today and met to talk about a lot of things, Wholesale jerseys to solve many problems! Both sides agree that it is time to move on. But I will always be grateful to Rooney family and Steelers @ team’s attitude!

The San Francisco 49 people running to wear a jersey in training on Wednesday. He has passed a team doctor inspection and can return to train. Hyde has previously encountered the brain in the preseason of the Green Bay packaging in August 26.

As the backbone of the Hawks, Aville has obtained at least 8 kills in 4 seasons in the past five seasons. His absence is a huge impact on the Habi defensive group, which will allow their opponents to put more attention on his partner Michael Bennett and weaken the overall bobility of the defensive group.

Brown said: “If your team want to win, but also want a desire to win, the world’s best wide receiver, then call me good but tell them, no security payments are not enough & hellip; & hellip; I feel. diligence, how did all the things you see what I can do to win a Super Bowl, but they have to go to the right team, right & hellip;.???? & hellip; if your team is willing to pay security payments , and I would also like conversational, work with me, then call me. “

Peni is 8 times in the preseason of the squad, and the 16 yards are promoted, and they will complete the ball twice, and the 7 yards are promoted. He is the first round of the first round of this year, and he is also the second place in this year. There is only Saquon Barkley, which is taken away by the team before him.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Peni will go to Philadelphia to receive surgery repair fingers, and it is expected that it will be absent from 3-4 weeks. Whether the regular season can be played to appear unknown.

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