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As the team’s top, I’m going back to the attack. The Erman is not good in this season. So far, 92 cars have been taken from 972 yards. In addition to Edelman, Exterior Hands Brandon Lafell and Runwavian Fulin (Shane Veen) and another Runa Gaigare – Brownt (LEGARRATTE BLOUNT) The labeled “play doubts”.

This is also a game that does not hinder the overall situation, and is similar to the red skin, this game has become a stage of the Seattle Hawks show offensive group firepower. The Hawks got up to the first wave of the game, and they started from this part of 12 yards to attack, they all passed through the rush and short biography, and finally running to Bryce Brown to complete 1 yard shock Reach. Then the pastel of the rock was copied by the Jeremy Lane, and he had encountered a knee cross ligament torn in this site. The Hawks will then take this opportunity to complete any rackers. The next attack is finally achieved. In the second quartz, the second quartz Palmer passed the ball to the outside, Larry Fitzgerald, get 17 code. However, they did not complete the additional points, this is the sixth shot of the sixth shot this season. But the Hawks will immediately pull away the score gap, and the quasell Wilson will find the Will Tukuafu to complete the Dance. Since then, the twice counterattacks were successful, worse, and the abandonment after the end of the two offensive was attacked by the Hawks to the red area, which reduced their score. Wilson relaxed once again completed twice. The Hawks entered the second half with the advantages of 30-6. After the next half, Escort-Liege.Eu the sea eagle continued to get 3 points through any ball shot, and although the red scitch made most of the first players left on the court, they changed the quarter. The second pass of Drew Stanton is called the second pass of Drew Stanton. The Hawks will then kick a free kick. The fourth quarter consumes time and dispatched the replacement, and the rickets are not easy to attack the Haiying Red District Results Stanon’s pass again. This is completely junk time. The ultimate sea eagle 36-6 big victory. Siwuwilson became the first pass code in the history of NFL reached 4000 yards after the game, and the number of passes reached a 500 yard of the 500 yards. And because Carolina Black Leopard wins, the rickets become the second seed.

New York Jet is challenged Buffalobier, and they can enter the playoffs as long as they win, but the front jet coach, now the REX REX RYAN, Rex Ryan, let their hopes become Wu. The deadlock was broken until the middle section of the first section was broken. The jet 1 wounded abandoned Bill to start from the jet 25, Bill continuously used 3 shocks, eventually by quartz, Tarod-Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) The 18 yard of the mushroom is achieved. Enter the second section, the alliance ranked first Bill slam defense once again, this wave offense except for 3 passes of the pastel, the Birse is all used to attack the ball attack, and finally run the Karlos Williams Wilp 2 The code is completed. However, the jet offensive group finally woke up, four points Wei Lan-Fitz Patrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) was found to be able to make a portrait of Brandon Marshall completed 17 codes, arbitrary in the middle of the midfield The ball will be rewritten as 16-7. After the first half, the jet and Bill completed any racket score, the score gap was maintained, and then in the third quarter, Fitz Patrick was long and found to find an external hand Eric Decker to complete 21 points. . The jet is only behind 17-19, and I saw the hope of turning over. However, all three-wave offensive of the fourth jet was turned to be passed by the pass, including Fitz Patrick’s first in the Red District for the first time. This performance completely let the jet lost hope. Finally, Bill 22-17 defeats jet.

Martin is the second round of 2016. In 2019, Martin has signed a $ 33 million contract with the team in 2019, including over 18 million US dollars. He was 7.25 million US dollars at its 2021, and after cutting him, it will become a dead money.

This is a unrelated attainable game, the only concern may be the same as the Washington red skin main four-point Wei Kirk Cousins ​​will be full. But the red skin is still in a conventional season. The score was rewritten in the middle section of the first section, and Coss is pushed into the Cowboy 5 code line with a long history, and then he passed the lead to the outside. Ryan Grant completed the Deta. Subsequently, the counterattack of cowboy was turned to the middle of the midfield, and the red skin did not waste this opportunity. In the end, Coss, Master, found external hand, Pierre Garcon completed 39 points. Array. The nightmare of the cowboy has not ended, and the next wave of attacks have lost the ball, and the red skin will grab the ball. At the end of the first section, Kusins ​​was found to find an external join Jamison Crowder to complete the reachable. Only the first red skin is leading 21-0. In the second section, Cousins ​​raided the team to kill the Cowboy Red District and eventually ended at any racket. At this end, Cossins completed all the mandates of this game. He successfully obtained 176 yards for 12 times, and broke the team history record in the 4166 yard season. Substitute quartz Kote-McCay take over the competition. After that, the cowboy finally scored, and the Kellen Moore was promoted to advance the 80 yards and finally passed the ball to find the close-end Feng Jason. Witten. Before the end of the first half, Moore passed the top of Cole Beasley to complete the reachable. Cowboy will chase the score to 14-24, and there is also a hope. However, the entire third section of the cowboy offensive group is inactive, and the red skin first passes three points by the free kick, and then in the fourth quarter, Frang Saud Ross is founded by the Fourth Section. Roshad Ross 71 code. Even if the cowpot is subjected to a safe division in the Red Leather End District and the Moore is re-evolved to find Bisley to complete the reachable, this has no final result. The red skin finally defeated the cowboy at 34-23, and the performance of the four consecutive victories was quite successful.

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