A Walk in the Park: Moving towards a Disney Metaverse?


It’s no secret that NFTs have become the buzzword in the past couple years. NFT gaming marketplaces have emerged by the bucketload, giving players an opportunity to play and earn, all at once! Metaverse projects, too, have been gaining steam slowly but steadily, making the virtual world closer than ever. With all the developments in the sector, big brands have been quick to capitalize on the popularity of NFTs. 

From food to fashion to football, the largest brands in the world are launching their own NFTs to wide acclaim. The entertainment industry, especially, has been pivotal in the rise of NFTs. It would seem that, soon, Disney, a name that has been the very definition of entertainment, will also step into the realm of NFTs!

What’s all the Buzz about?

For a while now, Disney, with its chain of theme parks, has been hinting at a metaverse based on these parks. Well, what was once upon a dream may soon be a reality! According to the career listing on the House of Mouse’s website, the entertainment giant is looking to hire an experienced corporate lawyer to oversee transactions involving NFTs, the Metaverse, blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi). Could this mean that Disney NFTs are just around the riverbend? 

Into the Unknown

With NFT games being all the rage, it’s hardly a surprise that Disney is looking to venture into the future of the internet. And the fact that the company is actively recruiting counsel may just mean that a whole new world is not that far off!

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