A Woman’s Guide to Purchasing Period Pads Online

Want to buy your first sanitary pads online? Learn the crucial parameters before determining your choice for napkins. Also, know the important things to do during periods.

A woman should never feel embarrassed or hesitate to ask for sanitary pads from the dispensary store. After all, experiencing monthly menstrual bleeding signifies femininity and fertility. So, buying sanitary pads online or offline shouldn’t be disgraceful or dishonourable. But before buying your pad on your own for the first time, here’s what you must learn about monthly periods.

Why Do Women Bleed Every Month?

Although it may leave a woman with mood swings and immense irritability, periods are normal and healthy. But do you know the scientific reason behind undergoing bleeding every month? The menstrual cycle is a monthly hormonal cycle a woman experiences that prepare her body for pregnancy. The cycle gets counted from the first bleeding day to the next month’s bleeding day.

It occurs after ovaries release female hormones – progesterone and oestrogen. These hormones result in the building up of the uterus lining. The built-up lining prepares the fertilised egg to attach to &start developing. The lining bleeds and breaks down if there’s no fertilised egg. So, that’s all about the scientific definition of monthly periods.

Tweens or women on periods need to use something for the menstrual blood to soak up. While there are different menstrual products, what comes as a saviour solution are the pads.

Buying Sanitary Napkins: Tips and Tweaks to Follow

Unlike tampons, period pads are rectangular in shape. It has absorbent materials and gets attached to the underwear to soak the menstrual blood. And you must factor in a few parameters before determining the right choice of period napkins.

Understand Your Body Type

Knowing your body & periods is the very first consideration that determines the choice of pads. After experiencing a few months of period flow, you are going to get an understanding of your body type. And you should always keep track of the changes experienced so far.

That way, selecting a sanitary napkin becomes a safer bet. What’s more important is to understand how many pads you need each day. Also, don’t forget to keep track of the menstrual bleeding you experience during the first and second days.

Materials Used in the Napkin

When deciding on the product online, always select the materials used. Maximum women presume that a sanitary pad’s smoothness ensures utmost comfort. But not all body types are the same. What may look comfortable to your friend may feel itchy and uncomfortable to you.

So, before you consider a pad, conduct an insightful survey about the materials used. Look for skin-friendly products. Women who have sensitive skin or are prone to infections must take additional care. Only then can they factor in the details concerning the pad’s materials.

Consider Your Period Flow

That’s one of the most crucial factors to take into consideration. When choosing a pad, you can’t get wrong with the size, especially when you experience heavy flow. Of course, you may want to try a regular-sized pad the first you are on your periods.

However, taking your parent’s advice is better and safer because the selection depends on your flow and body shape. Whether it’s a regular pad or an extra-long one, it’s always better to buy a pad with wings. You can also purchase panty liners for the last days of periods.

One quick note: A panty liner is an excellent menstrual product used during the last days of periods. They are less absorbent, smaller, and thinner. Women who experience heavy vaginal discharge during the non-period days also use them.

Great Absorbency

The pads’ absorption capacity allows you to decide whether you need an additional absorbent pad or a regular one. A significant aspect to consider is to absorb the blood flow without leakage or back-flow.

One pro tip: Try using different pads on different period days. For heavy days, use extra-long napkins. And for lighter days, use lighter absorbency pads.

Lifestyle Parameters

At times, wearing period napkins also depend on the activities you perform. For instance, if swimming is a regular activity, buy super tampons. You may use winged pads to perform your daily errands.

Some Dos & Don’ts While Using a Sanitary Pad

Here are the dos and don’ts to follow while using a pad:

  • Do wear cotton underwear to keep the area fresh and breathable
  • Don’t wait for your pad to become full
  • Do change your napkin after every four to five hours
  • Don’t use soap in that area
  • Do wash the area each time you change your pad
  • Don’t throw a used napkin openly or flush it
  • Do take warm baths to alleviate pain and cramps

The menstrual cycle comes with its own set of physical conditions and symptoms. That’s the time you should concentrate more on a healthy regimen. Staying hydrated, consuming veggies and fruits, avoiding coffee, and getting adequate sleep are important things that Sofy recommends. The brand offers sanitary napkins, tampons, and panty liners.

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