A4-70/A4-80 Stainless Steel Hex Bolt

Stainless Steel Hex Bolt


316 or 316L austenitic stainless steel is used to manufacture the A4 70 and A4 80 bolts. The letter A denotes cold forged austenitic stainless steel fasteners. Dimensional control is governed by numerous standards. A4-70 hex bolts and other fasteners are available in sizes ranging from  M10 to M100. Depending on the material qualities, the A4-80 Stainless Steel Bolt can be found in grades ranging from 1 to 5. The bolt is composed of cold wrought austenitic stainless steel and is acid resistant.


Hex bolts are chosen for usage with heavy machinery due to their geometric design, making them stronger. One tenth of the tensile strength of 70 MPa is represented by the name. The A4-70 stud bolt contains a stud and is frequently used in piercing application. These fasteners are suitable for situations involving high temperatures. They can work at temperatures as high as 870°C. The corrosion resistance of A4 70 and A4 80 stainless steel hex bolts is also good. This material mix gives the Stainless Steel Bolts Grade A4-80 the appropriate mechanical capabilities as well as corrosion resistance. The minimum tensile strength of a material might vary depending on its composition. Phosphorus, manganese, silicon, sulphur, 18% chromium, 8% nickel, and 3% molybdenum are all found in the material.


Fasteners produced of the same material have similar characteristics but have different mechanical properties. The minimum tensile strength is the difference between a4-70 and a4-80. A4-70 has a tensile strength of 700MPa, while A4-80 has a minimum tensile strength of 800MPa.


In order to produce high-quality items that meet worldwide standards, we use controlled and tight quality standards in our production facility. The test session is carried out at each stage of production, ensuring that no product reaches the dispatch area without being thoroughly examined. Micro-testing, positive material testing, IGC testing, macro testing, ultrasonic testing, radiographic analysis, and spectro testing are some of the first physical tests performed. Other testing includes hardness, destructive, pit rust, tensile, and mechanical tests. A2-70 and A2-80 stainless steel hex bolts are a one-stop shop for long-term applications.

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