A80 Paris; Parisian Artistry and Fashion with a Flare for Fun

In their own words, A80 Paris was, “born in Paris 2018, on the wings of a local hair stylist’s inspiration, from the chaos of the streets to the hum of the fashion week green room.” This quirky statement seems to sum up the style and character of this online store quite well. The style is decidedly young but if funky chic is your style you might want to check it out regardless of how many years you have watched come and go.

Emerging hair stylists, artists and designers have founded an artistic center for artistic collaborations. Their philosophy centers around being yourself and embracing your style, or lack thereof on your own terms. Their street inspired graffiti style is colorful, loud and fun. Their inventory is relatively small and specific.

Hair products and accessories are the main focus. Hairdryers, curling and straightening irons and hairbrushes come in a variety of fun graffiti patterns. An equally colorful bag, in the shape of a teddy bear is designed to hold all of your hair care needs. They also sell some hair care products which are not tested on animals.

Their clothing line consists of T-shirts, raincoats and hats. Hats and raincoats are made from transparent PVC made in France and sport the company heart logo. The fact that they are see-through gives them a distinctly haute-couture look. Cotton T-shirts come in black and white and are decorated with colorful artwork.

A80 Paris also sells calendars, I phone cases, laptop sleeves, wallets, keychains and bags all decorated in the iconic A80 Paris graffiti style.

A80 Paris offers a delightful selection of artwork by Creative Director and Co-founder of A80 Anoufa Paris, Ylan Anoufa. His artwork is a mix of unique icons and bold, creative graphic design and has been displayed in some of the best-known art galleries all over the world.

His unique collections all have quirky themes. Each piece in the collection has an intriguing name that makes you want to take a closer look at the messages there which are all about finding your own path, believing in yourself, listening to your heart and making life happen on your own terms. Even with our weakness’s we are still valuable and unique.

The ‘Anoufa Dollars Collection is a humorous look at the importance of money featuring Disney characters. Donald is a reference to Donald Trump and the power of money. Aside from the humor and messages, these art pieces are simply beautiful and unique.

The A80 Paris blog seems to cater mainly to hair care information, but it has good tips on the subject. So, if your hair is giving you static, literally or figuratively, check it out.

For now, A80 Paris products are only available online. Shopping is easy and they accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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