AATECH International Co., Limited is one of the best and renowned companies providing lightning solutions. As the top most lightning solution providers, we are providing you the perfect item for each one of those who want LED lights having air cleaning feature.

With antibacterial features, Air Cleaning Panel Light and UVC Panel Light is perfect for working rooms, or more as for medical clinics and for every one of those spots in close bacterial control.

LED Air Cleaning Light can likewise decontaminate air in sport places, for example, pools, in schools, in workplaces, in gym and in each one of those spots where there are more noteworthy possibilities of germs and microorganisms dissemination.

Safety the primary concern of AATECH:

Air treatment with photograph catalysis produces when it comes in contact with no outflow of substances into nature. Microorganism’s destruction, infections and different substances happens with an oxidation reaction which delivers exceptionally modest quantities of water and carbon dioxide.

• There are no toxic agents present in AATECH Lightning products.

• AATECH Lightning products don’t create any skin related infections.

• AATECH Lightning products are valuable for individuals since it kills bacteria.

AATECH International Co., Limited builds with the motto to offer naturally stable lightning products. We have decided to be proactive by assembling items which are eco-friendly, to diminish CO2 emanations. Driven LED innovation is still observed as the best solution for the future. Our products have an impressive vitality sparing contrasted with old brilliant bulbs; in any case, it is going to turn into the unavoidable and standard line.

Dedicated towards its goal, AATECH has attempted to plan quality items. We are ensuring length and productivity, as our LEDs result from engineering contemplates which make them miles ahead contrasted with the normal retail measures.

The best way to structure top-notch items secured with full assurance is to break down gadget exhibitions as per their particular application.

Experience has consistently been our way of thinking while manufacturing LED lights. The materials utilized for our light sources are ceaselessly upgraded through dynamic exploration of new lighting innovation arrangements. We need our lighting hardware to give vibes of unadulterated solace and joy, enlightening the various settings in a sheltered and viable manner.

It is a progressing research, guided by a similar inquiry returning again and again: “how might we further decrease natural effect?”. This is the reason we are as of now creating control frameworks planned for overseeing utilization through sensors identifying human nearness and figuring the genuine interest for lighting.


Giving the most noteworthy visual solace, productivity, and security in workplaces implies giving a lighting framework structured by the guidelines in power with all our regard for administrators. We are offering all our products having affordable prices. You can buy any of our lightning products under reliable cost.


Our Customer Care team gives our clients data on the request progress and conveyance dates.

Make your choice of having an eco-friendly lightning solution, you will love it!

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