ABC and Marvel Collaborate For A New Superhero Series

After the recent announcement of Marvel’s Agents of Shield ending, ABC is in the talks again with a new female superhero series collaboration with Marvel. ABC was the first network to land a Marvel TV series, and the network is all set to ride the success wave of Agents of Shield.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield was initially set to have five installments; however, Marvel recently disclosed that they were offered two more short seasons by ABC network. Marvel agreed to the offer, and hence Agents of Shield got a separate timeline from Marvel Cinematic Universe. ABC brought MCU’s Phil Coulson back from the dead for their series Agents of Shield.

ABC has had a few failed attempts with Agent Carter ending after two seasons and Inhumans only getting one installment. ABC allegedly tried a few more times to land a show with Marvel as the show programmer, and now they are in talks about a new Female Superhero series.

The status of the talked female-led superhero series is still unknown. Karey Burke, the Entertainment President of ABC network, has been tight-lipped as not to provide any unnecessary information regarding the new series. She only said that it is going to be something brand new for most part.

The new show has joined a long line of Marvel shows which ABC has started or has shown their interest in. Another all-female series by Allan Heinberg, who also wrote Wonder Woman, is the most recent example of it. The show was reported to be dead at the start of this year. The mysterious John Ridley, Marvel’s Most Wanted and Damage Control are other shows that failed to grow for ABC network.

However this time around ABC’s hit show Agents of Shield is coming to an end, so they have to find a replacement for it. Marvel comics are filled with female superheroes, but their options are limited because Marvel Studios does not have any intention of showing it on the big screen. So ABC will likely try to avoid taking any significant characters from the comics.

The tease by Karey Burke as something entirely new is interesting too, as it could even hint to a spinoff of a character they have already shown. It would not be an easy task; however, as they have to find a character who has a loose end to tie up. Agents of Shield will be dealing with Time Travel in season 7 so that scenario could come into play too.

Whatever the series will be, one thing is for sure that Marvel fans will welcome it wholeheartedly.

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Source: ABC and Marvel Collaborate

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