About cleaning of laminate floors at home:

Scrubbing a floor and leaving it clean and shiny is a daily activity. However, each type of floor requires specific care and some cleaning products will be better for one type of floor than others.

If what we want is a clean and shiny finish when cleaning our floor, we have to observe the concrete material and then apply a specific product for it.

As a cleaning service that we are, one of our daily problems is to face the different types of floors that our clients have. That is why we want to explain to you how to treat and clean a laminate floor, so common in the constructions of today.

In the case of cleaning laminate floors, the first thing we have to observe is whether our flooring is made of natural wood, or on the contrary if it is a synthetic material, which usually imitates the grain of the wood.

This detail must always be borne in mind since a natural wood floor will require a more detailed cleaning, because it is a porous material, and has a great capacity to absorb water and other liquids.

In the same way, we will do it with a parquet floor, since the material is the same. A good trick to avoid these problems is to dry the floor after scrubbing it, either with the mop itself or with a cloth, thus achieving a brighter finish.

In the same way, we will proceed in the case of synthetic flooring. Although it is not a porous material, it can absorb water or any liquid through the joints of the sheets, causing it to swell and throwing lose our soil, although it is not as demanding as natural wood.

The tools needed for cleaning laminated floors are generally:

– A clean microfiber cloth: That we will use exclusively for the floor, and whose function is to remove the dust accumulated on the floor.

– A mop: The use of a mop to which we will attach the cloth is recommended, in this way we make cleaning much easier, avoiding having to maintain an uncomfortable posture while cleaning the floor.

There are different types of floor mops on the market, some of them allow the use of disposable microfiber cloths, which is an advantage if we want to achieve a good finish. Microfiber mop refills are cheap and save us from constantly removing dust from the cloth.

When you try to clean it by yourself, you will get to know how difficult it is to complete the task. And that is the reason why people prefer to hire a professional cleaning service.

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