About Level Measurement With RF Capacitance Level Switch

This article is approximately devices useful for level measurement. Here, we are discussing in regards to the features and functions of RF capacitance level switch, a tool useful for measuring the levels of both non-conducting and conducting liquids, that will be stored in closed or open containers. This machine can be widely useful for measuring the amount of solids and slurries. Many also utilize the measuring tool for detecting the amount of materials flowing inside closed pipes, conveyor belts and open channels. Hit on capacitive liquid level sensor to explore more about our services and sites. Hope you ll like our more services.


The info provided in the above paragraph informs you about different purposes, which is why RF capacitance level switch is used. To know more in regards to the working procedure and top features of the device, go through the discussion below.


Let’s first inform you about probably the most fascinating feature with this measuring equipment. Unlike lots of its counterparts, the performance of RF capacitance level switch never gets influenced by the characteristics of the material it’s measuring. To place it more bluntly, the corrosiveness of a substance or its conductivity doesn’t affect the performance of this phenomenal level measurement equipment. The device’s performance can be not affected by parameters like pressure and temperature.


How can this equipment deliver such accurate results? RF capacitance level switch can deliver such accurate results primarily as a result of technology it uses. It works utilizing the highly rated RF technology. RF signals are applied onto the tank and the probe. Whenever the amount of liquid in the tank changes, a big change occurs even yet in the machine. As soon as the change is detected, the alarm rings.


One of many main reasons behind the immense popularity enjoyed by this equipment is its versatility. Industry houses RF capacitance level switches boasting different kinds of probes, each that is supposed for different applications. Furthermore, as a person you will also get the right to find the length of one’s equipment; the utmost length these measuring tools can have is 20m. You will also get to choose between remote mounted and integral versions of the device.


We have already discussed the purposes, which is why this equipment is used. Now, let us provide you even more information. The equipment is useful for measuring the levels of liquids like acids, water, alkali, oils and juices, dry powders like fly ash, milk powder, cement, chemicals and coffee powder, slurries like sugar syrup, ore slurry and coal slurry and solids like fertilizers, food grains, limestone, coal and sugar crystals.

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