About Monin Syrup

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What is Monin Syrup?

It is termed to be a sweetener which is used by several upscale bars and coffee shops to flavor the beverages offered by them. It is available in wider range of flavors, right from pomegranate to blackberry to agave. When compared to sugar, this syrup does come with several advantages. When poured into cold beverage, this syrup actually dissolves very quickly rather than filtering down and lying there on the bottom just like sugar. It is posies to enjoy the last drop of this sweet tea and not worry about getting mouthful of clotted sugar. With the syrup dissolving easily, there is need to use it very little to derive the desired taste. It is for this reason that many restaurants and coffee shops have introduced this syrup and other healthy ingredients like Strawberry Syrup, Mango Syrup, Non Dairy Creamer to make their beverages and other items tasty, healthy and nutritious. Since only a small amount of this syrup is required to sweeten the beverage, it is really affordable on the pocket.

Wonderful alternative

This syrup can be termed to be a healthier and an amazing alternative to the traditional standard granular sugar or synthetic sweeteners that are currently used. The latter is said to come with numerous health concerns like cancer and liver damage. Besides this, several brands are found to have vanished long enough, so as to measure the possible side effects. At the same time, standard sugar is bleached, thus altering it considerably, which is definitely not good and healthy for the body and only much worse than synthetic brands.

What is this syrup made of?

This syrup uses pure can sugar, spices and fresh fruit juices. No cholesterol or fat is present within the mix and it is available wide range of flavors, with each boasting of having different sweetening method.

  • Monin organic syrups comprise of evaporated cane juice
  • Premium teas and syrups comprise of pure cane sugar
  • Honey sweetener is sweetened using pure honey
  • Organic agave and agava nectar is sweetened with organic agave nectar
  • Fruit purees and sauces comprises of cane sugar

Those who are yet to try out this syrup can find the same at the leading online stores. The reputed stores are also known to offer variety of healthy ingredients necessary for preparation of delicious dishes and beverages like Mango Powder, Coconut Powder, etc. A good number of tea and coffee shops also have Monin. But the web is the best place to start the search and buy this item. The online portals do offer varied items of Monin products at affordable rates. This way, shoppers can also get the opportunity to try out sampling new tastes.

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