The health of the vehicle is in the hands of the owner. If you keep avoiding the small signs your vehicle might end up in great trouble. You won’t want your vehicle to break down in the middle of the road and end up hogging the road. This why we suggest you get regular car maintenance service. Marke that maintenance service and MOT Stoke-On-Trent test are two different services, but are equally important.
How Do You Differentiate Between Car Service and Mot?
A car service ensures that each component of the vehicle is in harmony with the other and does not have any trouble working. This makes the performance of your vehicle even better and provides you with safety. The regular maintenance service allows the operators to find the root cause of the problem and fix them before things get worse. However, if you do not take your vehicle for maintenance service regularly it might be difficult to find the cause of the issues which can be dangerous. Moreover, regular maintenance service helps you pass your MOT test without any issues.
An MOT test is an annually compulsory test for vehicles that are older than 3 years. It includes the inspection of each component of your vehicle thoroughly to ensure the roadworthiness of the vehicle. Note that the MOT test does not include repairing, only car maintenance service includes that. But you can also not miss the MOT test as you might be breaking the law and have to face severe consequences.
What Does the Mot Check Include?
It is best if you get your regular car maintenance service a week or two before the MOT test. This will help you fix the potential problem that might fail you in the MOT test. However, make sure you take your vehicle for regular maintenance service and just before the MOT test because it might be difficult to find the root cause of the problem if you do not take care of the vehicle regular basis. Below is a few things that need an examination to pass the MOT test.
Exhaust and emissions throw smoke. Depending on the model of the vehicle and its limitations it must not throw more than that. If there is any visible smoke more than said, it can fail the MOT test.
Brakes allow you to slop or slow down your vehicle. The brakes system also goes under inspection to ensure they are rust-free and aren’t worn out. The brakes should stop your vehicle in a straight line. In addition to that, they must be in harmony with other components of the system.
Wheels and tyres are the main elements of the vehicle. They need to have proper inflation, tread depth and no damages to offer better performance. In addition to that, any of these issues or even rust can fail the MOT test.
The bodywork of the vehicle also goes under inspection especially because the sharp edges or scratches of the vehicle can catch moisture and spread rust to other parts of the vehicle. In addition to that, it can also harm pedestrians and infect them, in some cases. This why the entire vehicle, including the bodywork, brakes, steering and other parts should corrosion free.
The seats and seatbelt clip and locking mechanism should lock and open without any interference and be in proper working conditions.
Windows and mirrors should not have cracked more than 10mm across within the area covered by the windscreen wipers. Excluding this area, the maximum limit is 40mm deep.
Steering should not have excessive free handling, rust or any other issue or it might lead to mishappening. This is why the testers inspect the steering thoroughly.
All the Lights including headlights, tail lights, indicators, sidelights, brake lights and rear red fog lights offer visibility at night time and, especially, in fog conditions. They all must be working properly. In addition to that, the headlight also needs proper alignment.
The tow bar allows the vehicle to pull a trailer, caravan etc. which is why, if you have a tow bar, it should be secure and corrosion-free.
The horn should be audible to the driver sitting in another vehicle and must not play multiple notes.
Doors and openings open and shut properly from the inside and outside, including the tailgate or you might fail the MOT.
The vehicle’s identification number or chassis number should be authentic.
The number plate customisation is not allowed and it should be legit.
MOT Stoke On Trent aims for your safety and others on the road. This is why the MOT test is compulsory so you can enjoy your ride without worrying about damaged vehicle parts. Visit us to get your MOT certificate today.

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