About Podcast and their role in an interview of celebrities

As always, the best thing at the beginning is to settle concepts. So I will make a definition as simple as possible so that it stays in mind quickly and permanently, without any technicalities.

The Podcast is an audio file that has a specific theme, a stipulated duration, a constant periodicity, and has views of future continuity. Also, this type of format can be downloaded from the Internet.

The Podcast can be recorded in a studio, but also at home! Currently, technology companies have developed Podcasting equipment with which to start in this format and are almost a home radio studio.


The only thing you have to keep in mind when you record your podcasts at home is to have as much soundproofing as possible in the room in which you record or do it at the time when you are as quiet as possible. In a studio, the sound is much better, but recording a podcast at home is something feasible.

 Benefits of the Podcast VS other content

As with the radio, the benefits of sharing your content of venture unplugged in a podcast are numerous and make you think that it is a format to consider.

  • First of all, the Podcast adapts perfectly to the needs of your followerand the moment he is each day. You can download the audio from your website and listen to it whenever you want or do it directly from it when you feel like it, or it suits you.


  • The Podcast allows the listener to do other things while listening to the content of muneeb ali blockstack. Thus, he can do food or sports and, at the same time, listen without problems.


  • The format in which it is recorded, usually mp3 or web, is compatible with almost everything. So there are no problems in this regard when it comes to listening.


  • You can incorporate draper ventures podcasts to your Spotify, iTunes or Ivoox profiles, so as to reach a greater number of people if you compare it with a post, for example.


  • You can liven it up with music or sound effects, in addition to your magnificent voice in case of best podcast celebrity interviews.


  • The content to share in the Podcast is very numerous. You can play from celebrity podcast interviews, going through the news, and reaching tutorials.


  • It is not necessary to make a super investment to start recording your podcasts.


In events, all content marketing professionals talk about the prominence of the video above all else. Video Marketing could almost be called the king of content marketing for a couple of years and beyond.

But what about the Podcast

It is true that the power of an image cannot be compared with the simple voice of someone. There are too many marketers who have seen Podcasting launch for a few months but the trend does not stop.

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