About the difference between Retail and Classic WOW

About the difference between Retail and Classic WOW


In some of my past articles about World of Warcraft, some people asked me why I didn’t delve into Retail and

The difference between Classic. The reason why I don’t do this is that once I start to understand the two games differently, I will face a series of problems. Once I start to sort out the differences, there are many differences that need to be sorted out, so that after some consideration, I realized that I had to divide the article into several parts. In short, there is no redundant way to express the changes that WoW has experienced in its development, and there is no other way to explore the differences between content and communities.





One thing I want to point out is that I am not strictly speaking from a nostalgic point of view. Last year, I convinced my playmates to try World of Warcraft for the first time and recommend other game characters to him. I have already had the experience of Retail WOW. From then on, I have not changed much about Retail WOW. Doing this in two different versions of the same character profession, let me know more about how the Paladin changes, playing classics reminds me of the memory of the age of 15 – but this is not Change my opinion on Retail WOW. Now go to the World of Warcraft Halloween event, all players can get World of Warcraft gold discount, click https://www.mmowts.com/ to participate in the event.


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I understand why Blizzard is making changes to World of Warcraft and why it needs to be changed, but I hope Blizzard can take the time to analyze the fact that 15 years of game memory provides a better entry experience than current games. I am not saying that WoW must evolve to Vanilla to make it more attractive to players, but the current Retail WOW experience is not good enough. Compared to the original game, it feels empty and there is no difficulty in the game. It can be said that the starting point of Retail WOW’s game is too low, and it needs to add some difficulty. This means that I don’t want to expect it like I enjoy Classic wow.




I am very happy to return to the classics – to be honest, this is more happy than I had imagined. As I enter the final stage, the situation may change. It is unclear whether the druids, shamans and paladins will do better in the non-therapeutic effect of 2019 than in mid-2004. And many mixed players are dissatisfied with World of Warcraft because of this limitation. The classic “World of Warcraft” has a balance problem at the end of the game, and these issues are not obvious when upgrading. When I focus on reviewing the details of the game while playing the game, I can always recall these questions very well.

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