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The dz-algerie.information site personal references news sites on Algeria (magazines, press, localised sites, magazines, and so forth.). In 2012, Algeria got about 290 press periodicals between papers, publications and magazines all frequencies mixed, In conclusion the Algerian press is dispersed in the following methods: Acquire more information about Presse Journaux DZ

96 every day classifieds including 6 through the public press and 33 localised newspapers with an typical every day blood flow close to 2,800,000 (2.8 million) circulations per day:

79 daily papers of standard information.

5 Journals in Economics .

12 sports newspapers .

35 every week press with the typical circulation of 780,000:

12 basic information newspapers.

23 specific presses.

About ten 9 fortnightly classifieds with the regular blood circulation of 32,000.

50 51 month-to-month papers with the common circulation of 170,000.

A 1 biannual magazine having an typical blood flow of 5,000.

About 101 regular monthly institutional press papers dragged 322,786 circulations a month.

Algerian radio

The Algerian Radio is definitely the one containing marked the history of Algeria the most. This is certainly mainly simply because that it was made in 1956, throughout the have a problem to the country’s self-sufficiency. Given that Apr 1991, the company has become a public industrial and commercial broadcasting establishment.

The stores

Today, Radio Algeria has 55 radio channels. We need to pay this feat in particular towards the program diversity and geographical redeployment plan applied given that 1991. Three of the stations are national:

Route 1 in Arabic : created in 1962.

Funnel 2 in Tamazight : founded in 1948.

and Station 3 in French : developed in 1926.

A number of others are focused on specific themes:

Radio Coran : that has been created in 1991,

Radio Customs : launched in 1992.

Radio Jil Fm : started in 1992.

Radio Algérie Internationale (RAI) : made in 1991.

The first two routes transmit exclusively in Arabic. When it comes to fourth, 4 languages ​​are utilized for broadcasting: Arabic, French, English and Spanish language. The rest of the 48 channels are local.

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