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Since the early of 2020 century United States National library of medicine has introduce sample reference pages for representing the bank was style of referencing. before the worldwide wave the the medical journals were represented through the Annals of internal medicine publication. the references are being number in the Vancouver referencing style and maintaining the consecutive order of appearance in The in text Arabic numerals are being represented using the square brackets or superscript. the example of Vancouver referencing are

  1. Wang V, Nnaji H, Jung J. Internet banking in Nigeria: Cyber security breaches, practices and capability. International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice. 2020 Sep 1;62:100415.
  2. Serener B. Testing the homogeneity of non-adopters of internet banking. Business and Economics Research Journal. 2019;10:699-708.


Internet banking in Nigeria has got significant to growth over the past few years. The banking service providing organisations have taken all assignment help  several initiative for strengthening the cyber security for maintaining the transparency and safety in the financial transaction process [1]. Due to growing acceptance of internet banking it has started making major impact on the economic situation of the nation. Growing environment of internet technology in the financial transaction process the companies have started changing the business model into online operation in order to avoid the cashless transaction and hassle free operation [2].

Vancouver reference in style is a numeric referencing style which is quite popularity in the field of medical science. after the introduction of lab report writing style in the field of medical projects large numbers of authors have started using this particular style of reference in order to represent there scientific data. TLogical format is being followed by the authors while using the Vancouver style of referencing. Following the uniformity in the numbering process using Arabic numbers the paragraphs are being in texted with the supporting journals. Vancouver difference in style has taken significant place over the first few years due to its higher involvement in the medical and science field. In the Vancouver referencing style proper punctuation casting of title and numerical format is being used. last minute assignment help. Over the last 20th century the name of Vancouver system and Vancouver style have been followed. The latest version of the Vancouver referencing style has been used for sighting the medicine.

Below the Reference list of Vancouver has been represented:

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